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    JIM BAUMANN New Member

    here is a

    02 July 2005 I will be hosting the /Steel navy and friends party at my House near Southampton UK--

    This is a party for modelmakers of ships of all era's, scales and media!
    It is a chance to meet other modelshipping nuts! as well as pick holes in my models at close quarters!! :?

    It is the Saturday evening of the International Festival of the Sea held at Portsmouth Dockyard--Food/ drink/ swiming pool/ live music and 150 plus friends and modellers! ----looks like a whole Hog roast and non-pork BBQ and pasta etc as well as copious amounts of beer etc etc.

    It can be a 'family affair'--well behaved model aware (!) :roll: children are welcome with parents....

    So as to allow me and my organising team (Katrin!) to get an idea of proposed amount of catering people to order in for the event I would like if possible an RSVP with an indication of persons in group, to the nearest dozen will do! :D

    Please e-mail me at: or leave message on message board....

    Hopefully see you all(?) here!

    Best wishes


    JIM BAUMANN New Member

    well fellows....

    so far we have about 165 confirmed modelshipbuilding chums coming-alas no-one from the card modelling world yet (that I know of!)

    Hope to meet some of the 'names' at the party!

    If anyone wants or need directions just e-mail me at


    JIM B
  3. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hi JIm

    I would love to come but these days it's a bit far but I hope you have a good night.

  4. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hello Jim

    I'm using your "glue for canvas" instructions on my Dreadnought build. BUT, I seem to have lost the link to that exact place. Could you maybe put me back on track?? :shock:

    Sorry that I can't make it to you party(distance is a problem).... however....
    I would be happy to host the next one....(SERIOUSLY)...

    Bill Jones

    Time and date TBA...
    :D :oops: :twisted:

    JIM BAUMANN New Member


    -Apply the Photoetched railing in place-paint the railing as normal.

    -Apply thinned white glue( PVA) to the railing so ast to span the gaps

    -allow to dry.

    -White glue will dry clear( very cool!)
    white glue will also contract and 'hollow out' thereby imitating wind blown canvas quite well

    -Paint the outside of the white glue covered railing(the dodger part) from --the OUTSIDE only in a diffrent shade of paint, this allows the contrasting colour of the railing to be seen on the inside through the glue.

    IJN generally used white canvas

    RN used same colour as metal paint--just chage the shade and paint the inside of the rail a lighter shade to accentuate the effect

    German High seas fleet used brown or natural colour this works well with light colored rails!!

    Good luck


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