the model that got me started on paper

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Nothing, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Nothing

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    ran accross this kit in my travels(cant remember where).Not having the time to scrath build this ship and being huge B5 fan i made this paper kit. my first paper kit, and have been hooked on paper ever scince.:twisted: View attachment 5061

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  2. cgutzmer

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    I can see why it got you hooked :) Looks great!
  3. davelant

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  4. Nothing

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    thanks for the link these look awsome.
  5. dhanners

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    Nice build on that. I built one earlier this year (I stuck a photo in my gallery) and enjoyed it. Well-designed and a good build as-is, but it also provides a good basis if you want to add scratchbuilt detail.

    In that vein, I am eagerly awaiting Mr. Cortes' other Earth Alliance ships. If the Hyperion-class heavy cruiser is any indication, they'll build into nice models, too.

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