The Medieval City (ABC)

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by kenw, May 21, 2007.

  1. Art Decko

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    Beautiful build, Kenw, thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are listening to some great Renaissance music while you are building. :)
  2. Bengt F

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    Medieval City

    Fabulous work, Ken,

    This immediately reminded me of the amazing scratch-built Prague model by Antonín Langweil, which now resides in the Museum of the City of Prague:


    If you are interested, here´s some more to read about it:
    There are eight close-up photos futher down the page (Langweiluv Model Prahy):

    I assume you already know about the architecture models from Betexa in the Czech Republic?:
    A while ago, I received the Town Hall model - it is simply beautiful.

    Keep up the good work, Ken!
    Bengt :smile:
  3. kenw

    kenw New Member

    Hi Bengt,

    Yes, I had seen photographs of the model by Antonín Langweil. That is a really beautiful work of art.

    I wasn't intending to expand my city to quite that size :roll:
    my wife would kill me :( but it would be fun :twisted:

    Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I was thinking of taking a break and making something completely different, but I think I'll press on and finish the first section.....
  4. tjchung

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    As far as prices in Europe, don't forget the dreaded EC VAT. 17.5%, last time I checked. Or does that not apply to card models?
  5. gian7675

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    Beautiful Architectural Model Kenw. It's really nice to see people that have devoted their time in building such tiny buildings with passion :grin:

    btw, can you point me in the directuion where I can get "The Medieval City" and "The Unseen University"? They're really gorgeous :)

    How do you come across these Book type card models of Cities and Universities? Do you have a cataloge or something :)

    I'm also interested in architectural models but on a 'group of buildings type of magnitude like your "The Medieval City" and "The Unsees University". Can you give other examples of these types of models that I might be interested too?

    Thanks! Again Great build! :)
  6. kenw

    kenw New Member


    The Medieval City is available from one or two European on-line shops. Seek and you will find.

    The Unseen University is available through normal bookshops. there are two ISBN numbers on the book (old and new system):
    0385609442 and 9780385606448
  7. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    The medieval City is available in one or 2 European Bookshops eh?...Errr...can you please give me a hint to the names of the European Bookshops :wink:

    Sigh! Normal bookstores for the Unseen University...unfortunately for me I'm in the Philippines and I don't think that Bookstores here carry these types of books...sigh!
  8. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member has the Unseen University book for mail order. in the USA has the Unseen University book for sale by some sellers.

    The ABC Medieval City book could probably be ordered from a Czech shop. Do a Google search for The Medieval City by Richard Vyškovský, published by ABC. There might be some other source, perhaps someone on knows of some and will help you out.
  9. kenw

    kenw New Member

  10. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Absolutely fantastic build! What more can I say?
  11. Amazyah

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    Wow, that one is almost half the price of the one I was looking at!

    To the user who I sent somewhere else by pm, I am truly sorry!:cry:
    I hope you have not bought it from that place yet!

  12. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Well, this was a small surprise.
    Once you add in shipping from SPI, they are about the same price!

  13. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Wow! Thanks for the links! :)
  14. jmarksbery

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    Very nice indeed. May I ask, where can we download the cube's for scale? (the blue and white one)
  15. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Check out our Tools section in the Parts Bin

    a whole bunch of cubes available

  16. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

  17. blaster971

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    is really lovely and well builted.. :D
  18. butzi

    butzi butzi

    Fantastic!!! beautiful and amazing like it!!!!!!!
  19. Rawen

    Rawen New Member


    Its nice to see another build of these amazing model. When i was 10 years old, i have oiginal ABC magazines with all parts of this masterpiece and i newer have courage to start building it:)

    Richard Vyskovsky is a true artist - all his models are drawed by hand without using computers!!!

    I wish you luck and patience to finish it :)
  20. Mocusolvan

    Mocusolvan New Member

    Fantastic Work !!

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