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    Hi VGN, #1003 was all Soo Line, one of ten built by ALCO in 1913. Soo Line was very impressed by their performance and it 1923 (I think) dusted off the blueprints and ordered ten more.
    The heavy 2-8-2s were the work horses for Soo Line, often double heading long freights.
    The Pacific, #2719 that is in the roundhouse with us was built in 1923. Has no where near the tractive effort of #1003, but when she is rolling is quite the sight to see.
    Would be nice to see you out this way sometime.
    By the way, #1003 was the last 2-8-2 to be retired by the Soo Line, and #2719 pulled the last steam powered passenger on that line as well. Seems fitting that they now are both back in operation and in the same roundhouse.
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    Hey LC
    Really sorry to here you missed the train.
    Hope your family situation is better real soon.
    I wish I could make a quick trip back east. Any chance that Mikado used to do service for the California Western?
    bye now
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    From what I'm told by the crew, the #1003 did quite well on her first runs of the season. Seems a couple of problems developed, but will soon be taken care of. To be expected with all the work done over the winter months.
    I'll now close this out. Will start a new topic review when we get out on the rails again.
    Thanks to all for your interest.

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