The Lunar Module - 5 (LM-5): "Eagle" has landed! (Scale 1:48)

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Space Boy, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. lillorizzo

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    Hi. Could you please tell me where to find these quasi 1/48 scale astronauts? Thank you
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  3. Space Boy

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    APOLLO 11 Command Module (CM) "Columbia" (Scale 1:48)

    Hello friends; I'm back with Apollo 11 Command Module (CM) "Columbia". I'm about to finish the command module. Here are the some photos so you can see the progress; I'm going to add some more later, I'm retuouching now.

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  4. WeeVikes

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    Spaceboy -- your CM is beautiful! That's Surfduke's design, correct? How did you do the metallic tape outer shell?

    Cap'n Davo -- Welcome aboard! UDon's model is a classic. I couldn't agree more with the advice you've gotten so far. Just take your time. This is not a typical beginner's model, but it is do-able. Best of luck, and keep us up to date with your progress.

  5. Space Boy

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    Thanks a lot mate, I tried to do my best! Yep, you're right. It's Surfduke's design but I turned Surfduke's scale 1.32 design into the scale 1.48 one than I've started to built it. I used aluminium foil (but the thick one otherwise I couldn't cut the foil without tearing it) to cover the outer shell & that was a very taugh job. I spent long hours to complete it.
  6. Zathros

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    That is one sweep Apollo Capsule. The aluminum foil really sets it off! :)
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    Good Lord...

    I don't know if you're familiar with "Wayne's World", but if so, you'll understand when I say...


    That is remarkable. So, did you use a knife and straightedge to cut the foil or something else? What kind of glue did you use that would adhere to foil? And finally, how did you get all those strips to align so beautifully?

    I never cease to be amazed by what people can do around here...

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  9. Space Boy

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    Thank you very much indeed my dear friends; Mr. Zathros, Mr. WeeVikes & Mr. Uiop. I used a metal ruler to align & cut the foil, also used a very sharp craft-knife. Glue is the simplest one: Ordinary type stationery glue, not a special one. To align the cut foils, I look up the real Apollo CM "Columbia" images on "" & also other plastic CM models. By the way I will add the finished Columbia images as soon as possible.
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    WOW! That´s outstanding work Space Boy! Very good work with the foil on the models. Congratulation.
  11. Space Boy

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    Thank you so much my friend!:roll:
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    Amazing model.

    Are the gold and silver foil available in stores like Hobby Lobby or do you purchase them online?
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    I sure wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures of these. They are an awesome pair!
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    Very Very `


    envious :)
  15. Tintellaar

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    Second post for the second model :)

    How did you do the foil? did you put it on and crease it? Glue it first? form it first? Inquiring minds want to know...
  16. Space Boy

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    You don't need to pay for the silver & gold foil, why? Because you can use the foil of chocolate bars, gold one especially without any brands on them ;-) For silver one, I used tea packs, inside of those tea bags are made up of or covered with aluminium and also they're thick enough to work without tearing them.
  17. Space Boy

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    My dear friends, first of creasing well the golden foil and then apply them on the card model with some glue but remember; do not apply too much press on the golden foil when you stick 'em on the card model because we need to get rough cover on our LM model just like the actual LMs have. I hope that my explanation is helpful for you.
    P.S: I completed my Command Module model. But I haven't took some pictures of it yet. Hopefully, I'll add some images of the completed CM model as soon as possible.
  18. Space Boy

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    APOLLO 11 Command Module (CM) "Columbia"

    Here are the images of APOLLO 11 Command Module (CM) "Columbia"

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  19. inky

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    Those look stunning, love all the attention to detail. Makes me wanna throw all mine in the trash and start new ones. Can't wait to see what you build next.
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    These 2 rank among the best I've seen! :)

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