The Lunar Module - 5 (LM-5): "Eagle" has landed! (Scale 1:48)

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Space Boy, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Space Boy

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    announce1Here is the Lunar Module - 5: "Eagle"! I spent a year on it! To me it's not so bad... I hope you - dear space modelers - like my work!:rolleyes: Waiting for your comments... 1:48 scale original parts of this model is from U-DON's but the whole other details just like Landing Radar & Front Elevation of Landing Radar Baffle & others are scratchbuild.

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  2. WeeVikes

    WeeVikes Member

    That is stunning... It makes my attempt at the model look like a pile of junk, and mine came out pretty decent.

    A masterpiece, Space Boy! My congrats!

  3. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Rest of the photos...

    announce1More photos. Feel free to ask any questions about the model.

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  4. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thank you very much indeed, WeeVikes! I believe that your works are all OK, please share with us!!!:thumb:
  5. wedge

    wedge Member

    This is really amazing work Spaceboy :p Great respect !! Are you planning to build some kind of diorama ?(but LM 5 is without the LRV :p ) I hope that my LM in 1:24 will be nice , but I know that this LM will be always better :mrgreen:
  6. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thanks a lot Wedge, I'm glad to read those lines! (Yeah I know LM-5 was not equipped with a LRV:oops: But I want to build it for my future plans:twisted:) By the way, as you say :agree1:my friend I plan to prepare a diorama for that model & I like your Apollo 15 diorama very much; great job!:wink: I wonder what kinda materials did you use for your moon surface? Could you please share with me! It seems totally different from a mixture that includes newspaper, boiled water & white glue.:confused:
    Thanks again!
  7. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member

    That is outstanding modeling. If it were on a diorama, it would be very difficult to distinguish from the actual spacecraft.
  8. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thank you so much! I'm planning to prepare a diorama but the main problem is how I can find two 1:48 scale plastic astronaut figures!:confused: If I found that figures, I would start to build diorama immediately! Now I'm standing by... Thanks for your kind comment again!:)
  9. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Absolutely stunning work!

  10. ovation

    ovation Member

    If you want figures to a scale thats unusual,try modeling clay and make your own,
    A mate of mine makes very large funfair models and makes figures as he can't find the correct scale ones in the shops,

  11. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Card Models are enough to consume all of my energy; I'm not sure about your idea - by the way your idea is really creative:thumb: - because I've never worked on clay, I do not have any experience about it... But as you know; failure is not an option!:p If I have no choice, I will try that. Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. Eagle

    You are the man, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. gpw

    gpw Member

    Fantastic work Spaceboy. I like your scratchbuild additions.:thumb::thumb::thumb:
    Now you should proceed with a Lunar Rover.;-)

  14. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thank you so much!!!:oops: Yeah you're right, but before proceeding with a LRV, I am going to build a Command & Service Modules 1:48 scale. Nowadays, I'm thinking about "APOLLO 11 Landing Site Diorama" for the LM-5 & also I've added some more details on "EAGLE", I will share new photos as soon as possible, most probably in coming December, before
    X-MAS; hopefully. By the way; if you have an idea about how I can find 1:48 scale astronauts, you can share with me:confused:!
  15. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Aye ey Captain!:thumb: Thanks a lot! (Commander Adama is my one of the most favorite character in Battlestar Galactica.:mrgreen:)
  16. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    'The Eagle' LM-5 Lunar Module, in 1:48 Scale

    Absolutely incredible detail work, Space Boy!

    You must be very proud of this fine model!

    This is just the gold and black aluminium foil combination I had in mind for my U-Don 1:32 scale LM, which is dragging hopelessly behind, in favor of other recent pastime activities. You have also got the slightly yellow-greenish metal panels exactly right, especially on the back of the LM - it looks just like the real thing!

    All the best,
    Bengt F, Stockholm :thumb:
  17. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thank you so much really, you make me feel ashamed:oops:! Before & during the building process, I've watched lots of NASA Footage & looked numberless LM-5 images to make that model looks more realistic & decorative than a simple cardstock one. Thanks a lot again for your kind comment.:wave:
  18. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    Wow. Amazing.
  19. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    In case you hadn't already noticed, I chose this for a Picture of the Week showcase spot on the front page!

    Great work! :thumb:
  20. Space Boy

    Space Boy Member

    Thank You Very Much!

    I've just visited the website; I've had not enough time to look at it for a few days. I'M GLAD TO HEAR THAT; THANKS A LOT!!! You make me eager to build the APOLLO 11 landing site diorama... Thank You So Much!:roll: You make me blush!:oops:

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