The little restaurant that could and will again

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    Those of you who live in or ever traveled through Dover,DE may know this place, it's some times known as the Family Restaurant, it's been in operation since 1948 and I worked there as a baker/cook for several years until it was destroyed by fire in Feb. of this year. Anyway I designed and built this model as a gift for my boss a little tribute to what was and what shall be again. I'm also including a photo of the model I did of the iconic sign that stands in front.

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  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    I have ALWAYS LOVED these old fashion diners. GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, and your belly was full without your wallet feeling empty.

    This is a GREAT tribute to the restaurant. I hope that they are able to rebuild it and be able to continue on.
    You did an EXCEPTIONAL JOB on this build. I hope that your boss likes it!

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    You preserve history. These diners disappear, and it is such a loss. Often, they are rebuilt, but not to the original design. Sometimes it just costs t0o much. Super, delicious too, man, I'm hungry, model! :)
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    Ya Zathros it will be rebuilt and as you say it will look different inside and out but the food should remain about the same with a few changes, hopefully the prices won't change to much as we have a lot of older customers that count on us because as Rhaven Blaack said you fill your belly without emptying your wallet.

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