The light at the end of the tunnel

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by thumsup, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. thumsup

    thumsup Member

    but, the LAPD gave us the OJ bloody glove. All we need is a ladder and maybe a dog catcher.
  2. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    I'll be d***** - a one-eyed rat!

    And what have you done with the elevator?
  3. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

    I loved reading Inferno.
  4. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Me too, but Dante didn't know much about tunnels and elevators...or one-eyed rats.
  5. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    It's a two-eyed rat...It's just the distant focal point that merges them into a seemingly single point. Well....

    I've never read Dante (shame on me...), but I'm sure somewhere he addressed the light at the end of the tunnel....
  6. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    I think in his case that light would be cast by the fires of Hell. I don't think we're that far along yet.

    However, we should consider the probable size of the rat that would have eyes large enough to form a point of illumination at that distance, and then consider calling in an artillery strike or something.
  7. thumsup

    thumsup Member

    Or maybe a crossed eyed rat closer than we think. :eek:

  8. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    The tunnel was finished in 1873. then John Henry died from exhaustion. Assuming (which in this forum is dangerous):eek: the light was installed and turned on shortly there after it has been burning for over 100 years and should burn out on its own any day now. unless it has already burned out and been replaced recently. Which I doubt from what has been said about Steve oops sorry. I mean the guy steve was speaking of. But then only Steve can answer that.
  9. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Do you think somebody should talk to John Henry about pumping the bilges and then giving that floor a good flush?

    It looks a little scummy.
  10. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    John Henry died digging the tunnel, maybe pumpimg the water out could be ste.... oops the light guys new job when the light is out.

    Steve the tunnel is over a mile long. I hope that light isn't a rats eyes. Can you imagine the size of that rat.
  11. thumsup

    thumsup Member

    and Johnnie isn't around to help, BTW, where is the ladder?
  12. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    What ladder?
  13. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Memo: It has recently come to the attention of the Department of homeland Security that the light in question is actually a a reflection from the bottom of a one-ton wrecking ball suspended at the top of the shaft.

    Please keep an eye on it for us until we decide what to do about it if it falls.

    In response to your request about a ladder, our records show that that particular item was removed on the instructions of OSHA several years ago.

    We are, however, sending you a small radio transmitter that will emit a brief signal when crushed, in order to let us know if the wrecking ball falls on you.

    Thank you for your patriotic service to this nation.
  14. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    If the light is on and no one is there to see it,how many watts of light will it produce?
  15. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    So if the light is getting reflected off a wrecking ball, where is the source?
  16. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Look down...there is no floor beneath you...:eek:
  17. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    I am now so confused. This used to be a tunnel now I don't know what it is or how it became whatever it is now. Also some one had better tell Steve oops I keep messing up on this the poor guy who's job it is to watch the light at the end of the tunnel that he is watching the wrong light and watch his step apparently there is a shaft near him he might fall into it. I just all of a sudden thought about the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie for some reason. Am I loosing my mind?

    I know, I know before someone says it. You can't loose what you never had to start with.
  18. thumsup

    thumsup Member

    Apparently Steve isn’t there because the light is on, hold the phone, where did Steve come from Les? Oh, he is the fall guy. The only watts around here is "watts going on with that light".:rolleyes:

  19. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    This has come to be a very entertaining thread to watch hehehe :mrgreen:
  20. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Of course, we could have it all wrong. We could actually be at the top of the shaft looking down at the drain, and someone's hand could already be on the flush handle.

    Now there's a thought to keep us all warm and fuzzy. :mrgreen:

    Of course, Einsteinian theorists would tell you that the universe is curved, and you are actually looking clear around at the light you're standing under, since the tunnel is an infinite loop.

    Try thinking about that after a couple of beers!
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