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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by slee2099, Dec 1, 2008.

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  2. Cut 'n' Paste

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    More new stuff

    Also new in the Vehicles section there's an Airbus 340 and an excellent GG1-type Electric Locomotive.
    Incidentally (moan, moan) does anyone else find the new-look Canon Papercraft site annoying? Since it has to load lots of thumbnails, that slows things down, and our beloved right-click-save-as doen't work, so the only way to get the model is to have it load up into a new page, while you go and have a cuppa. Yawn.:cry: Later (much later) come back and save a copy, then start all over with the instructions, another model etc.
    Much preferred the old site.
  3. SCEtoAux

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    Yep, the new format at the Canon site is annoying. Lots of bells and whistles, but a loss of practical functionality. :rolleyes:
  4. sneaker

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    Ok...Good its not just me.....:|
  5. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Took me three tries over the course of two days, but I eventually managed to download the model + instructions for the locomotive.
    Trouble was, it took so long I kept getting a "timed out" error.

    Worth it in the end, though. Canon models are always excellent.
  6. redhorse

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    Hmm, the new site is blocked at my work now... I'll have to go home and download.
  7. slee2099

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    Thanks I missed the locomotive, and the one thing I hate about the new site is the fact that you can't right click on the files to D/L them now.
  8. Lex

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    I'm so going to build the Violin!! Thanks for the heads up!

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