The Kato Kobo line

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    No. Maybe if I worked with HO stuff. The details they "add", are they the same detail parts that come with Kato HO locomotives in the box? Or are they additional details that you can buy off Kato or some other manufacturer? The only thing they do for N Scale locos is sell them with Decoders. But I can install a decoder myself and make it a lot cheaper. I wish the N Scale locos had the same detail parts than their larger HO cousins.
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    hey combat am I reading it right . The specials have all the little parts are allready installed and the premiums are the same plus dcc and sound? have you seen any prices?
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    I've spoken with my LHS and seems these items are not easy to get. I want the F-40ph for my amtrak...and i'm now 100% sound i want one but may have to put my own soundtrax decoder in one if and when i can get one....Tom
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    I really should sell all my O gauge stuff and move to HO.
    It's so much easier to get BNSF stuff.
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    Only if Kato would do a SD70M-2 in NS.Other then that Kato doesn't make anything I want or need.

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    Kobo Special All detail parts installedKobo Premium Sound Installed

    Does that help?

    I would say its like an atlas Silver, versus Gold line. Just a guess. :)

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