The Home of Norfolk and Western’s Merrimac Subdivision

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    On most turnouts, it's possible to shorten the diverging track, which will bring the two mainlines closer together. I use a cut-off disc in my Dremel, but you could also use rail nippers or a razor saw.

    This double track through Lowbanks has a crossover just beyond the passenger car in the distance, built using Atlas #6 turnouts. Track spacing is 1 3/4" centre-to-centre. Normal spacing using these turnouts is 3". As you can see, there's just enough room for two trains to pass.

    In this view, the crossover is in the distance, opposite the station. I had to squeeze the tracks together to allow room for the turntable, the pit ring of which is just visible on the opposite side of the tracks from the station. You can see how the spacing between the tracks increases beyond the crossover switch.

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    I love shelf layouts. Chris, you are doing a great job!
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    I had a bunch of pictures to post, but. . .

    Since the upgrade and with the AWOL Gallery, I can't upload them yet. Maybe sometime.

    Gary, glad you like it. In a less than 95 sq. ft. room, the shelf style was the only way to go.

    Wayne, I thought about cutting down the diverging sides, but I am a little hesitant to experiment with those $17.00 turnouts. Also, the Shinohara's have some built in jumpers, and I think I am going to have to cut in the area of the jumpers to make then fit. I have a picture to illustrate, but I can't put it into the Gallery just yet.

    Still making progress though.
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