The Great Locomotive Chase

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    Cool link!, Thanks for posting it.
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    There have been at least two movies about this event.

    Buster Keaton - The General 1928
    Walt Disney - Great Locomotive Chase 1956

    The Buster Keaton movie has by far the best shots of the locomotives. In my opinion, a must view for any steam fan.
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    Thanks for the link Randy. :thumb: That's a great story and I can't believe I've never heard it before.

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    A neat link Randy. Lots of interesting stuff there.
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    The Disney movie was one of my favourites. I even made cardboard models of the locomotives. It was also the subject of the first scholarly history book I owned.
    There is a good description of the chase and how to visit the sites in Along the I-75 by Dave Hunter.
    The Disney film was close to the story; the Buster Keaton film is a lot more fun and has more trains. Disney used, I think, locomotives from the B&O Museum in Baltimore.
    There is a new model of the General (O tinplate?) that shows it at the time of the chase. It was damaged during Sherman's march and rebuilt with a different appearance.
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    Thanks for the link, it is good to read a little of hostory, I have sean the move with Buster keaton, but never new it was based on a historical fact or event... have a good one... steve
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    Because of the rainy weather, the raid took place a day later than scheduled. However, Gen. Mitchell managed to make his advances on time. This caused all the problems with southbound congestion that held up the General as Chattanooga was evacuated (or the supplies were).
    I don't think any Union troops got into Georgia at that time.
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    Your welcome everyone, I thought that it fun to ride. I also found a site with over (or)
    about 170 steamers plus a few more sites that I thought you might like.

    A highly interesting, although very sad, subject material. This
    covers the end of the steam era in the UK and what happened to all
    those steam Locos. Had it not been for Dai Woodham’s scrap yard in
    the UK, we would never have so many immaculately preserved steam
    locos today

    SOO line site. Absolutely gorgeous artwork done in the profile
    drawings. This is a great site for eye candy! The color plates on the
    site cover much of the SOO’s equipment:

    Unofficial Pennsylvania Railroad page:

    Not forgetting the USA. There are some great loco sounds on this
    site. Go to the downloads page and have a listen to the most popular
    US locos and some Euro ones too:

    Info on the GG1 Electric Locomotive:

    More on the Pennsylvania (this site is a gold mine of information and
    well put together):


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