The Great Lakes (off topic a bit)

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  1. spankybird

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    Great Pics. I also remember the night that the Fritz went down. Several of it's crew members were from the Cleveland area.

    Here is a pic of a scale model of an unloading dock

  2. ozzy

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    wha the USS iowa sent over for the first iraq war/ or was it retired by then,,, that was 1989 or 1990 i think?
  3. CRed

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    We went over to escort tankers in and out of the Persian Gulf for a while in 1987 as part of an 6 month tour.It was decomissioned by the time the war broke out in 1991.
  4. ozzy

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    to bad theres not a body of water big enough in iowa to park it in,,, be nice to have the USS IOWA in Iowa!
  5. jbaakko

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    Now, after living in Upper Michigan all my life, I know what those waters can do, and can look like! I HIGHLY doubt that last picture was doctored, looks like any old wave that Superior can kick up... The reason they kick up like they do is the rapid changes in depth. Waves grow in visable size on the surface as the depth gets shallower. If the bottom angles just right you can get "V" shaped waves. Add that with the STRONG winds blowing across an open space like that (desert winds anyone?), they get HUGE fast.

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