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  1. GyverX

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    I had an idea for a model of sorts. Mostly out of necessity.

    My idea is a Glass Box (sorta).

    The idea is simple but I have already tried to build the basic model in Photoshop but it didnt work out as expected and I just do not have the experience or software needed.

    Here is the premisses.
    The idea is to have a customizable box frame that is about a quarter inch square but depending how you cut it can be 5 inches or 20 inches.

    The glass part is not exactly glass but something transparent like saran wrap. or the same material that is used to window tinting. This is cut to the size of the box and then glued to each side of the box.

    Then a half inch strip of paper that is then printed with some sort of design is folded in half to the longest length and place on the section of the box to hide the glue part of the clear plastic on the box frame in each section.

    I know this can be done with wood but the who purpose of this is to hose a paper model in a paper box.

    It's an idea. I let others run with it.


    If you have any questions on this idea, Please post them here. I will be activating the Email notifications.

    Oh, Here is the image of the idea i have.
    box open.PNG
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  2. zathros

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    Yes, it could, but if you have a long term storage, you may wish to use Lexan, and find a nice shelf and seal the front, using the Lexan as a door, and the shelf to hold many models. if you did to the route you speak off, the materials would have to be strong, and the Heat Shrinking Plastic would be best. Th Case1.jpg Case2.jpg e kind that is used on draft windows. Good idea. :)
  3. GyverX

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    Thats a great idea, But Lexan can get fairly expensive. I was thinking about going the with a 5% window tint or even just a UV 0% window tint if I can find it.

    Currently I decieded to call the paper soldier a done deal and working on a Masseffect Kodiak, Then I want to make a paper case for it as a case study to build a design kit for it. We'll see how it goes :)
  4. zathros

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    Glass is a better way to go. It's cheaper, and it holds Tint film better too! :)

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