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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Bhelliom, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Bhelliom

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    Mike Haggard's old FRNS Albion prototype. He totally redesigned the ship after this version, but never released it. This one hasn't been available since 2004.

    I see this ship as an earlier era ship, with the later design from Mike an updated ship, like the Trek TOS ships verses the TNG ones.

    I was looking through my old files for something different to build to relieve my "designer's burnout". That is, I wanted to build someone else's model for a change. I never seemed to have enough ink when I wanted to print this one in the past. I have a fair amount now, just not enough paper for many more models. Oh, well, it's always something.

    On to the pictures. Lots of mistakes, but I plan on building a better one later on.

    Scott K.

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  2. Zathros

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    Neat looking ship. You wrote not available, have you archived it that long or has it been re-released, or is available somewhere else? It's a neat model. Looks like it would be a fun build. :)
  3. Bhelliom

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    Thanks, Zathros. I'm glad somebody likes it, I'm getting the usual reaction at the other place.

    Yes, I've had it since '04. I even have Mike's first version, hand-drawn on graph paper. I'll have to post on the Papermodelers II Google group, and see if The Haggard would be willing to re-release this one.

    I went looking for Mike's old Rescuing Albion site, to see if the orthos of his latest design were still posted (I know I have the images somewhere, just haven't found them yet). The old site isn't up anymore, but he has a new blog started here; His old stories about the ship and crew haven't been put back up yet, but there are several models, including a fighter from the Albion that I hadn't seen before. That one is next on my list.

    Scott K.
  4. Zathros

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    Yeah, I saw the Blog. I remember that model and am kicking my but for not downloading it, maybe he'll put it back up? If you're in contact with him, tell him to we'd like to have him join and keep a link to his blog in his signature. Anyone with FREE models is definitely understanding the heart of this hobby!

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