the famous chopper number 66

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  1. 2Kamser

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    hi again
    does anybody know if anyone has done the famous heli no. 66 from the Apollo recovery program?
    any space collection can't be complete without it
    i've seen the Sikorsky model done but as i'm no wiz on repainting i wonder if there is one available
    would make a great show piece with a CM underneath and the "Billy Pugh" (correct?) net basket between them
  2. The only one I'm aware of is this GPM model but it's out of print and i never saw it in a shop,or at the GPM website:cry:

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  3. 2Kamser

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    ok so that is where i've seen it
    any constructor eager to do it? as i am way to experienced in doing stuff like this
    he*k i can hardly even make a building :)

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