The Edmund Fitzgerald Project

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by sdk2knbk, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. sdk2knbk

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    The Edmund Fitzgerald in 1/350 scale. This is the latest white test build as it stands now. I need to change a couple of errors, and add many more small details.

    Scott K.

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  2. sdk2knbk

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    Another view.

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  3. Bowdenja

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    Some how I knew............. almost asked about the EF in the last post. :grin:

    Looks good! Remember to batten down the hatches............. there's a storm brewing.

  4. NYC Irish

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    nice work there...

    However I think it might take longer to listen to that Godforsaken song that to build it

    John John
  5. sdk2knbk

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    Well, I *was* going to have more pictures up, then this old clanker I'm using crashed again. OK, let's try that again.... Here's fore and aft detail views, the "family portrait" of the first 1/350 test and 2 1/700 versions, and the last is another project that distracts me from the Fitz from time to time.


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  6. sdk2knbk

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    Thanks John and John. As for the song, well, the Fitz was not the only victim of "The gales of November". The Carl D. Bradley was lost on Lake Michigan on November 18, 1958, with only 2 survivors, and the Daniel J. Morrell went down on Lake Huron on November 29, 1966 with a loss of 28 men. Nobody outside the shipping community seems to remember them, so I'm going to design models in tribute to them eventually as well.

  7. eibwarrior

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    Very nice models of the Fitz... Are these test builds for a bigger, final version? Nevertheless, very good work. I can't wait to see further progress.

    Is that "other project" a British super dreadnought? Or are my eyes deceiving me?
  8. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Thanks. And, yes and yes.

  9. Hi, Scott!

    Yes, it's a fantastic model of the "Big Fitz". And I see you're working on the "Gin Palace", too! Definitely a famous, but rarely-modeled battleship. Will you have the flying deck as an option for her earlier appearance? (Perhaps with more optional parts to portray her in the Brazilian or Turkish navy?) ;-)
  10. Gregory Shoda

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    Scott K:

    Good job so far. Why so many Edmund Fitzgeralds and how are you going to color it? If I were to make a scratch built model, I think I would just make one model of a particular ship. There are so many models to make and so little time. Are you going to market a kit?
  11. Bowdenja

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    Not to speak for Scott................ but one of the reasons for so many models of a subject is, that during the initial design process it actually takes building a models to see if it first goes together correctly, then if any changes are made(tweaking) you really need to build it again, or at the very least, the part that was tweaked. This can be a LONG process with very detailed models.

    Re-coloring a model requires the same thing...............believe me.

    Designing and/or re-coloring a card model can be a boring, repetitive, boring.........did I say boring twice, process. You really must truly love the subject or at least the process in order to be good at it or produce good results.

    This is one of the reasons I have GREAT RESPECT for designers and support them whenever possible. It really is work to put out a great looking, scale accurate model of a subject....................

    Give either one a try sometime............ you might be surprised.

  12. sdk2knbk

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    You said it better than I could. Anyone notice that I didn't show the Fitz from astern? That's one of the main areas that needs rework (what worked at 1/700 doesn't at all in 1/350). Also, it saves ink to build the tests in white. My daughter asked me the same question about the color yesterday.

    Repetitive, boring? Yup, that's one of the reasons I have so many projects underway at once. (The 21 hatch covers at 3 pieces each didn't help :) )

  13. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Thanks, David! Glad to hear from you again. I wondered if anyone would recognize the Agincourt. I agree with most opinions that she looked much better without the flying bridge, but may offer it as an option anyway.

    Let me ask your opinion on a Fitz detail. The railings. What do you think? None at all, or double-sided printed ones such as on Schreiber's Savannah?

  14. Hi, Scott!

    Anyone who can count to seven can recognize HMS Agincourt. ;-)

    As for railings, I actually prefer David Hathaway's method of providing the option of installing double-sided printed paper railings or forming thread railings on a template. You might only need to include railings for the superstructure, rather than the long stretch along the sides.
  15. dwgannon

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    Scott, looks good. I happen to like the song.
  16. ShaunGamer

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    I am not into ships as a rule, although there are some excellent models out there, but for some reason this has piqued my fancy. Perhaps the subject matter? Who knows, but I am finding this thread very interesting!

    Just wondering if this is a scratchbuilt one off, or will you be selling a kit?
  17. Stev0

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  18. sdk2knbk

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    Shaun, I am considering selling the kit, *if* I can do a good enough job on it. That remains to be seen.

    Stev0, I took a look at the Sable Island link, yikes! I think I'd steer well clear of that place!

    Speaking of tributes, another of my projects is the MV Windoc. She was struck by a prematurely lowered lift bridge on the Welland canal in 2001. I found her story particulary interesting because my family and I were only a couple of miles downstream at the time it happened. Had we not decided to head home rather than travel down to Port Colborne, we might have seen it happen. Look here for the video;
    And here for the full story;
    Never take a narcotic prescription med when you might be called in to work!

    Here's the first (small) test build, with yet another delayed project, the USS Tuscaloosa.


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