The Disney Experience NEW Mark Twain Riverboat

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  1. Kevin G

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    Just got my copy of this and thought I would try my hand at a review.
    This model is available from The Disney Experience
    On the left hand side scroll down to the paper model store or ludwigs laboratory and then click on the picture of the riverboat.
    It is only available on CD for $12.00 +shipping.
    After you have a look I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to check out everything he has on offer, lots of great models and other things.

    Instructions Manual: 12 page PDF. This manual is in the style of Trader Sam's other manuals. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and it has simplified illustrations that make everything easy to understand. By simplified illustrations I mean they may not show the entire model in each step, just the area you are working on and only the major parts with details removed for clarity. There is a warning about this on the first page for those that may not be familiar with his style of builds.

    Tools: One thing I would like to point out here is that Trader Sam actually includes a small list of needed tools for all of his models. Most of them are the basics like an X-acto Knife (or whatever brand you use) glue, printer,etc. He also includes things like Black thread and size 10 Crochet Thread for simulating cables and ropes. This is a big help to know that size 10 crochet thread is gonna be about the right size to simulate rope for this build and I am glad he includes this information. (Saves me tons of weird looks from the ladies at the fabric store)

    Parts: 366 parts presented on 31 pages. The pages will print on US Letter or A4 size paper with no problems, and as always include a register mark so you know that all pages are printed at the same scale.The colors are amazing on screen and hopefully my printer will do them justice. You can tell by just looking at the pages that a LOT of time went into the paint job on this one!
    Looks like a fairly involved build and it is rated a 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. Lots of little details to cut out on this one with all the lattice and scroll work on her. (the number of parts is my personal count as I could not find an official count anywhere so it could be wrong after counting 31 pages of parts :p )

    Finished Model Dimensions:
    Height: 9.5 inches
    Width: 6 inches
    Length: 19.25 inches

    Can't wait to build this one. It is number 2 on my to do list.
    Go check out the site for all the pics and info.
    Looks like Trader Sam has delivered another winner! I would recommend this even if you never plan to build it, the parts pages are that pretty! :thumb:
    Let me know what you think of my review and if anything like format should be changed.
    Thanks and enjoy!

    DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible if you end up buying alot of models from this site, you hold all responsibility for your buying decisions :p
  2. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Thanks for this information! I just purchased the mark twain! I have been wanting to do a ship/boat and my wife likes paddle wheels! I am wondering if I can shring it down to z scale and I may add it to my z scale train layout! Thanks again!....My wife hates you though. I spent more money. . .;)
  3. Kevin G

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    Well if you would have read my disclaimer... :mrgreen:

    Ignore the small detail that it was added after your post of course.

    As far as scaling it down, im not sure. I have no idea what the difference between N scale, Z scale, O scale, etc is. Never was into trains much.
  4. MOS95B

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    For those that haven't clicked the link, there are a lot of great free models there as well. I downloaded a few to build for/with my daughter, who is a huge POTC fan...

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