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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by XavierJ123, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. XavierJ123

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    They had a TV show on the Discovery Channel tonight called Monster something or other. Anyway, this guy in New Jersey built the world's largest model train layout. He ended up buying a whole building just to build his dream layout and it's open to the public. It was really something. He's got mountains that are three stories high and he had some cute ideas; for example: an old Ford Trimotor airplane that crashed into one of his mountains or the mountain couple who refused to sell their land to the mining company so the mining company developed all around their mountain home. Hope some of you got a chance to see it.
  2. Fred_M

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  3. rcline

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    According to Guinness book of records ( 2005 edition) , Bruce Williams Zaccagnino of
    Flemington, NJ. has the HO layout covering the largest layout, It covers an area of 50,000' sq. feet , has 50,000 ft of track with 4000 buildings and over 1/2 million lichen trees and is the culmination of 25 years of single handed work! Now, where that man got time to do anything else, I don't know! ( you should see the pics of it!!!!!! )
  4. LIRR

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    I've been to northlandz, Its amazing, You could fit an entire model of BNSF or CSX in that building.
  5. rcline

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    Fred-- I just went to the site you pointed out, it is the same guy!!!
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    While we are kind of on the subject, if you get RFDTV (I get on Dish Networks) they are running a bunch of commercial free real train shows. I have a DVR and it captures any program with railroad in it's name and it records them for me. Last one was Sante Fe Warbonnets which was on at 5pm cst today. Fred
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    Hey Fred, your a PC man, go take a look at my lighting trick!
  8. XavierJ123

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    Yep, that's it Fred. I couldn't remember the name of the place but it was Northlandz. Thanks for posting the link to the Northlandz site. I think everybody will enjoy checking it out.
  9. Sir_Prize

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    Their actual pwebsite is here:

    The show was Monster Nation. Can be fun at times. Funky creations by people, mostly vehicles, a spin-off from Monster Garage & Monster House.

    That Norhlandz layout is AWESOME! :thumb: :thumb:
    Some people in the hobby don't like it...
    they say he doesn't run the trains proto, and that some are too toy looking.... etc.

    Rivet counters!! They can't see the his mountains because of the mole hills they make. :p

    I ever get up that way it, and the Grand Central Terminal, TV & Radio Museum, swing through Allentown, PA & Levittown (knew a gal there) and the other big stuff around there are my stops. :D
  10. theBear

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    That is one talented busy fellow.

    Seems I've spent my life playing with the wrong kind of stuff (technical term) on my keyboard [​IMG].

    Do the music and games thing, forget the "real" world bread and butter bit pushing.
  11. sumpter250

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    Northlandz is actually not A layout, but is more like a hundred+ "layouts", loops that are not interconnected. HUGE, is the operative word here, not only in square footage, but in vertical height! There are parts of it that are absolutely great, and some parts that leave a little to be desired. Overall, it's impressive, and well worth the trip to see it.
  12. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    If you were there, maybe you can answer a question. I recorded the show on my Dish DVR, and have played it several times, but I can't tell from either the show or his web site what scale he is using.

    I don't care how non-prototypical it is, nor if parts of it look toy-like. That is a feat that deserves recognition. I doublt that any of us would even attempt something like that, I just wish they had spent more time on it and less on monster cars.
  13. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Northlandz is HO scale.
  14. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Thanks Pete, I thought some of those structures looked a bit too big for HO, but I couldn't get a reference long enough to tell.

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