The Deltic revival

Discussion in 'Events & News' started by peter taft, Oct 14, 2011.

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    That train was so well kept, it could be thrown back into service like that after sitting around for 30 years!! That is amazing! That man should be Knighted! It goes to show that sometimes, things get thrown away too soon, (the Harrier, and Shackletons, Nimrods and HMS Invincible come to mind). Great story Pete, the right stuff!

    To think this train could run on all of the oil left over from Fish 'n Chips. Think how the countryside would smell, all the hungry people flocking for some Fish 'n Chips!! :)
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    Thanks for doing the link my friend, i just saw the article and posted it - i was in too much of a hurry to do a proper job :cry:
    The good days of these awesome Loco's.... Picture this {feel and smell {if only} } the darkness of the night, cool air with a slight breeze and the only sound...clack clack clack, a slight rumble to be felt.... some crews daren't shut down the napiers in the knowledge that they wouldn't be able to start them for the early shift. The bore being so huge on the beautiful beasts had a problem with dew forming inside through the cold nights - imagine the amount of fuel wasted :eek: Can you see the light coming up ? the mist and dampness - can you smell what i'm writing ? The Days of ROLLING repairs, when the mechanics would board the Loco on it's run, and fix one of the napiers {if possible} and do this without stopping the consist reaching it's destination on time. The MEN of the Great British Railway and all those behind the scenes keeping it all Rolling along, un-sung hero's INHO - and to those i give one of these :goldcup:

    A model railway video NO sound - Poor picture :cry: Done with the TECH left out of technology :p I wish i still had this, may even start another one day :twisted:

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    Beautiful video Pete! It is so well done, it feels like a well done documentary. This is the video one could use to convince one's wife about setting up a rail diorama. Well done! :)
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    Thanks John, i'm trying to convince the wife that i REALLY should think about building another one, if only for when the Grandson is old enough to get involved :twisted:
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    Well, that will one happy grandchild!

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