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    I have added a new page to my site! This one is dedicated to an old computer program called Paper Models: The Christmas Kit.

    This great program allowed you to decorate and print three-dimensional card models of a Christmas train and a Dickens Christmas village, as well as paper ornaments, decorations, and gift boxes.

    I have archived the Model Parts and the Decorator's Guide (manual) on my page:

    Also, my Toy Shop page is still located here:

    Thanks for everyone's encouragement on the Toy Shop site, I hope this new page gives you lots of fun activities for the upcoming holiday!

  2. paperbeam

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    Nice find, Michael and thanks for posting the files!:thumb:

    Downloaded for future reference...


    N/Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) and the (almost) famous Ping Pong Ball Cannon at
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    Thanks for the files, Michael. :thumb:
    The Toy Shop files are great, these look to be good too.
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    Wonderful find

    A wonderful find Michael. Thanks so much for the time and effort required to make this kit available to us. I love home-made decorations like this. I look forward to making some.

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