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    What is the car make up of the Canadian these days??
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    Canadian Consist

    I can tell you the 1955 consist.

    AN ABA set of FP9.s and

    Baggage-Dormitory #3017 Coach #111 Coach #120 Skyline #515 Dome Car Diner "Louise" Chateau "Argenson" 4 Section, 8 Roomette, 3 Bedroom, 1 Drawing Room Sleeper Chateau "Rigaud" 4 Section, 8 Roomette, 3 Bedroom, 1 Drawing Room Sleeper Amherst Manor 4 Roomette, 5 Bedroom, 1 Compartment Sleeper Douglas Manor 4 Roomette, 5 Bedroom, 1 Compartment Sleeper Yoho Park Dome Lounge Sleeper
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    With respect, a consist from 60 years ago is totally not relevant to his question, which is about the make-up of the train today.

    The consist of the train stayed pretty consistent through the 1970s, up until VIA took over. In those days the standard consist leaving Toronto was a baggage-dorm, a coach or two, Skyline, diner, sleeping cars (one or two each Chateau and Manor sleepers) and an optional Park dome-observation car. (The Park did not always run on the Toronto-Subdury portion.) At Sudbury, the train combined with the train from Montreal (bag-dorm, coach, skyline, diner, sleepers, park) to continue its run westward. Extra cars not travelling beyond Sudbury were turned and laid over for the arrival of the eastbound train, which would be split into two trains, for Toronto and Montreal.

    For several years, VIA still ran the Canadian to the same pattern with the same equipment, although various ex-CN equipment would also mix in.

    With the major budget cuts and reductions of the early 1990s, the ex-CN Super Continental was cancelled, the Canadian re-routed to CN tracks and reduced from a daily train to 3 times a week. Since then the train has been significantly longer. I don't have any modern consists for you at hand, but if you trawl around YouTube you can find some good modern videos and identify the car types from there. The train today usually seems to run around 20 cars (sometimes more) and there can often be multiple skyline dome coaches in the consist. (Since the train isn't daily anymore, there's a lot more equipment available fot it.)

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