The Building of a (Trek)Starfleet

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Chadepotts1273, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Chadepotts1273

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    I've always loved this quote from the great Zefram Cochrane. Thought I'd share! image.jpg
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  2. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    I've commenced to building the new Phoenix. On my previous build, I didn't cut any tabs off. I think I used every single one that came with the model. That was before I learned the benefits of cutting them off & making your own tabs. For this build, I will cut them off if it means that the parts can join on the same plane, instead of overlapping. I may use some of the attached tabs though. I've opted to cut the tabs off for the forward cockpit section. image.jpg
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  3. Chadepotts1273

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    image.jpg This is the secondary cockpit section. I may leave the tabs on for this part. I scored the tabs just inside the ink line, so I think they will join together ok. Sorry for my rough work surface, I'm planning to get a self healing green cutting board like most everyone else has soon.
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  4. D-WHALE

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    Well Chad, i give you a good hint: Please download the model "ALICE" from Christine_U and check out the instructions about the "half-flaps-method"!

    it´s was developed from me and she bring it to "paper"! It is the best method if you build models with flaps, which are unfolded with pepakura!
    believe or not: your build will be more precisely and the models looks much better (dont forget edge coloring)!
  5. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    Thanks for that link Marko, I'm going to give that technique a try immediately.:)
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  6. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    I have been working on the cockpit section for the Phoenix, but don't quite have any new build pics to post. I watched First Contact a few days ago, & snapped this pic. I am basing my "greebles" on the details in this pic. I'm still playing with some ideas for the greebles, but it shouldn't take too much longer for me to be satisfied enough with them to post some progress pics. image.jpg
  7. THE DC

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    Watching and supporting...
  8. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    Thanks for the support DC! I need it!
  9. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    For any who might be wondering, I've been extremely busy & spread thin lately. Trying to finish up a big remodel on our house so we can get moved back in sometime within the next month, & dealing with some health issues on top of that. So, I've only been able to steal a few little moments here & there to work on the Phoenix, as well as the Colonial Movers for my Galactica thread. But, after we get moved & settled, I am planning to wholeheartedly get back to my build threads.:)
  10. spaceagent-9

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    take your time dude! we are addicted to your pics, but do whats best for you!
  11. zathros

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    If you have to color the edge, then it's not on the same plane, and while Christine's model is quite exquisite, it is white. When tabs are on the backside of a parts that does not show, like the backside of a cockpit interior, they work fine, but on the fuselage of anything, or a ships hull, it is just awful and ruins many a otherwise good model.

    I hate Pepakura for the tabs and it's polygon approach to modeling. You can't even make a true circle in Pepakura. Cut off the damned tabs, make your own strips, then you won't have to color the edges, you will have natural panel lines!! Geez, if you (in general) just think about it, there is no argument. Strips give the advantage of rigidity, and allow you to put the strip on first, let it dry, then fit the next piece perfectly.

    Imagine putting sheet rock your living room walls with tabs, then painting the edging to match. That would take a lot of compound to finish, eh? It would look like something out of "Fiddler's Green". Which are mostly copies of more complicated models, dumbed down.

    I know this for fact, but if anyone asks me how, you won't like the P.M. I send you. Just take my word for it. I know the designers who worked for F.G., and did it. I wouldn't want to shame them. :hide:
  12. Chadepotts1273

    Chadepotts1273 New Member

    Hey you all. I haven't given up on this thread, just been really, really busy. I've still got some interesting plans for the Phoenix, as well as some other models in the works.:)
  13. THE DC

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    We're waiting!

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