The Bucyrus Railfan Part 1.

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    I thought I would start off a series of Bucyrus Railfan pictures by setting the scene.
    First we see both T&OC stations..Then a little farther North we see the old T&OC/NYC bridge across Mansfield Street.Then we see the former PRR/PC/CR Now NS bridge to the right then looking toward the West we see the former PRR/PC/CR/CSX now CFE bridge that crosses Mansfield Street.This track was once the busy FT.Wayne Line of the PRR/PC and CR rail before it was down size to single track back in the mid 80s.
    This ends Part 1.Part 2 to follow.

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    Is that the station, or just a really cool old house near the tracks?
  5. brakie

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    Zedob,Thats the station..Its being refurbish..
  6. zedob

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    It doesn't look like it's close enough to the tracks.
  7. brakie

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    Well that's because the old T&OC/NYC tracks is gone..The track behind the station was PRR's Sandusky line.
    Here's what the Station looked like in all its glory and beauty and the sad state in which it fell..
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    Great Photo's Larry.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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