The BMP-1 Puma- Project

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by gmeyer1962, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    and more , starting reconstruction of the track, as original parts wasn't able to be handled by me.

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  2. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    and more

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  3. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    it was not possible for me to drill a hole of 0.8mm through this tiny parts of 1mm high and 2mm wide. therefore to finish the track, i reconstruted it.

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  4. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    more parts of the gear drives

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  5. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    ... and assemble them together

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  6. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    starting the new tracks , they fits nicely over the gear drives.

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  7. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    sofar so good.....

    have to finish now the tracks completly. stay tuned....:wave:

  8. RealHawkman

    RealHawkman New Member

    Keep on ur work, it's very good.
    About 0,8 mm holes... did u think about a drill? I got a lot of them with different sizes from 0,1 mm to the highest u can think. It's a pain i can't lend it 2 u. :mrgreen:

  9. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    some test if the tracks can be installed without problems....

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  10. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    now the tank starts looking like a real tank. til some parts missing but
    not much anymore.

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  11. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    i guess next week i can finish this adventure.
    some small parts like reflectors and driving mirrors need to be installed.
    antenna still missing and so on.
    but the hard part is done.

    stay tuned .... hahahahaha :wave:

    best regrads to all people which was
    watching this thread.

  12. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    finished !

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  13. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member


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  14. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    finished .

    no painting will be done. i wil keep it like it is.

    thanks for watching.


    good bye.


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  15. seej001

    seej001 New Member

    Incredible. Fantastic.
    What else can you say? WOW
  16. Gloups

    Gloups New Member

    Waow, impressive, I like this.
  17. barry

    barry Active Member

    Wonderful craftmanship
  18. MAGI

    MAGI Member

    How do you do it? LOTS OF PATIENCE AND TIME
    Second question and I am REALLY new to this. What is that thick stuff you build with?
    It looks like card board it is so thick.

    Last newbie question is how to you print on that thick stuff? Or do you glue it on it after you print it out?

    And in case I was not clear. WOW. I want to play with that Tank. I can pictures the treads going round and the suspension bucking as it rolls over a small field stone wall.

  19. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    I salute your perseverance, patience and perfection...
    Amazing details and damn neat model. :D
    Can't find a single flaw..... congrats on your achievement...
  20. Vger1981

    Vger1981 Member

    Hi, that's fantastic model, I can finally make my GPM bvp-1 wheels by using your photos as guide, originals are horrible! One question, still got the model? I can't find it on Konradus site.. :cry:

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