The Bloody Big Project !!!!!!

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  1. Update

    Hi all,sorry ive been busy for a ehile so have not done anymore yet.

    while i have not been building more of the chassis, i have, been doing some more digging around on the old internet for more and more reference,

    after a bit of digging i have found that a few people have built a similar car in the real world with a Yamaha R1 engine ,and that got me thinking!!!,Yamaha Papercraft recently released the 2007 YZF-R1,so would it be so wrong to use the base files of the engine to use in my model?..views on this welcome!

    okies back to the chassis, i found a small error on my design so had to cut part of the chassis away and throw it!,have already made the replacement part and its not much of a setback,i should be doing some more on the chassis by the weekend and will post some more pics then...

    laterz all
  2. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    From a modelling point of view, sure, why not. To me it would make sense to use an available engine/gearbox if you don't want to spend the time designing one.

    From a copyright point of view, it means that you probably couldn't include the engine if you distributed the files when you've finished the project.
  3. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    ...Or just a link to the page for the engine, why not? :D

    Great scratchbuild so far! This is going to be a "pretty big" model...
  4. Update

    Okies update time me thinks...

    after a few days of thinking........... its back to the drawing board!!

    on my first build i was designing as i build ,and after finding that one of the parts was wrong,i had to cut it out and make a new part.

    so why back to the drawing board? i here you ask....

    ive gone right back to the start and have started making all the parts again but this time more builder friendly,all the parts have been given numbers and where the parts join to each other the joining surfaces are also marked.this then creates another problem... I have to design ALL the parts before i start building ,thus taking a lot longer lol..

    the chassis frame has about 100 parts so its gonna take a while before i can start building and start posting pics of chassis mark2 .....

    and just so you might understand why it takes a while to design...

    i'm only using Adobe Illustrator for the design,i dont have any fancy 3d drawing software or anything like that,so i therefore have to use that tiny thing inside my head to work out what the part will look like ,then unfold it again using that tiny thing inside my head ,then draw it....

    hope that explains it lol

    laterz all
  5. Man, I thought I was the only one who obsessed over the details. I have been designing an SP-2H and can't get past the forward section. I don't know that i will ever get it done. I like you want it to be builder friendly so I keep re-designing it. But I suppose at some point i will have to just accept where i am and move on. You are doing a find job. keep it up and move ahead. A model of this caliber requires much experience to build. So the builders will interpret your intentions as they go. Tha it waht we do in most models anyway. I am building a train right now with no instructions. I just have to figure it out as I go. I am sure yours will be a big improvment on that method.
  6. hmmmm while i am here

    while i am here checking everyone elses posts!!!!

    my project went on hold just before xmas ....
    will be continueing shortly......

    i hope!
  7. Gainer

    Gainer Member

    Bloody Big=Bloody Brilliant
  8. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    No hurry, a great model always takes time ;)
  9. hmmm

    wow can't believe this is still on here ..anyway ...

    you should know by know that i rarely finish what i start but anyway ...

    my other project is on hold again ,and have gone back to this with a fresh start,the original disign went in the bin a long time ago..

    i found a good couple of files for refference on this build and am in the middle of converting all the parts from .3ds into flat parts,again starting fron the chassis i write this i am just in the middle of converting the basic chassis rails in illustrator,not going to upload any pictures untill i have the full chassis done ..will be a few days maybe..

    going back to when i originally started this project ,the only good drawings/3d models i had were of the chassis,i have since managed to find all the files i need for the full car now(they just need converting )

    again you will not likely see a completed model but i don't start these threads to show completed models ......

    I do it because i like "trying" ....

    laters folks
  10. bulldogowner

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    Glad to see this one resurrected...I had forgotten all about it! Good luck!! I would definately be interested in building one of these!
  11. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Yepper! Can you also design the garage for it and also design the doghouse for me to live in? :mrgreen:
  12. little update

    ello folks ..

    yes i'm still workin on this one lol ...

    i went right back to the start with this one ..

    after getting hold of a few files to work from ,and taking a self teach crash course in using 3ds max ,and after many days of working ,scrapping,starting over etc etc ..

    a little pic... a lot more work still to do when i get around to it

    Be back soon ....
  13. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Looking good! :thumb:
  14. help

    ello folks ..still on with the 3d design of this ..i keep starting,getting to a point where i don't know how to do something,looking for answer,restarting ....grrrrr

    Example where two tubes intersect with each other ...after a lot of messing around with it ,scrapping , restarting .etc etc etc .. i found something called "Boolean" ....wish i would of learned about them before i started lol

    anyway i gots a question about "Pepakura" if anyone can help ...

    my understanding of it and correct me if i'm wrong ,when i open a part in Pep and i see a Red line ,then that is an open edge that joins to nothing yes/no?

    so working on the point that a red line is bad ....

    i'm editing parts to remove red lines ..great,when i open the parts on thier own they are ok, when i open all the parts together as a full project i see loads of Red lines on parts that i know are ok?????

    any ideas??

    thanx for any help in advance
  15. yup its still being worked on !!

    does it look any good?

    *red arrow* original 3d model
    *yellow arrow* reworked 3d model

    the model is only based on the original 3d model,i'm reworking all parts of it ..

    chassis is more or less ready,now working on the rest of it

    be back soon..

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  16. Sgt.Backer

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    That looks like so much fun!

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