The Bloody Big Project !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by imavingalaughaswell, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Okies here we go guys and gals lol ....

    The Project:-1/4 scale card/paper model of a Caterham/Locost/SuperSeven.

    I started this one a few years ago and gave up due to lack of experience (i thinks),I have now restarted the project,and it WILL take a long time to complete,if i even manage it?.


    I started with the chassis(a good place to start i think),on the original plans i have had for a while most of the chassis is made from 1" box section,thus making the 1/4 scale version 6.25mm box.with the software i have this has proven fairly easy to do ,6.25 oblong boxes of various lengths and angles.

    Ive been working now for the last couple of days drawing out the parts,i'm colouring the parts also because i don't really want to build a prototype and then colour it and build it all again!....

    So where are the pics i here you say! .....

    okies , it not much but here they are.

    The first one shows a drawing of the complete chassis,mine will be more or less the same as the pic,also in the pic is the REAL THING ,many different versions are out there in the real world so mine is lets say based on all of them.

    the second and third pic basically show what ive got done up to now(not alot!) the two peices side by side are the bit of the car wher the seats go,the gap in the middle would be where the center tunnel goes for the propshaft.take note , its an A3 cutting board!,so if you try and picture in your mind where they are on the full chassis you could maybe see how BIG the model will be !!!

    Okies enough for now .......

    P.S i'm always searching for various drawings of parts that i have not managed to find yet .so if you have any drawings of any kind of automotive parts knocking around ....... send them my way lol

    I'm outta here!!!!

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  2. shrike

    shrike Guest

    "Is this going to have the traditional Kent with a Ford remote shift gearbox?" he asked, having several taking up space around the house....
  3. Update

    okies after another day here are a couple more pics...

    remember i'm designing as i build so today i spent about 6 hours on p.c drawing the parts and then a few hours building ...

    again picture my progress with the very first pic in the first post ...

    laterz all

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  4. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Is this a scratchbuild? I'll be following closely, while my model choices tend to be airplanes, I'm a big car guy and love following the car builds - even if I'm not inspired to do any right now.
  5. Yes

    Yes its a scratch build ... :mrgreen:
  6. Update

    Just to keep it on the front page lol....

    have been ill for a couple of days so not much progress..

    I am at this moment in time drawing out some more parts ready fo printing and building..

    I might get some more built later on today and will post some pics if i do

    laterz all
  7. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Ok - I searched the internet before asking this relatively simple question - I promise! What's the length of the model going to be? I'm assuming something around a 24" wheel-base (thinking that the car has to have less than a 100" wheelbase, but that's a guess).
  8. simple reply

    not sure on the exact size? but the chassis will be aprox 28" end to end and aprox 10.5" on the width ....

    thats the best answer i can give at the moment sorry
  9. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Nope - perfect. It's actually odd to think that a 1/4 scale model is going to be so (relatively) small. ;)
  10. hmmmm

    okies here is a pic i have .. it shows the dimensions of the SuperSeven,which my model is roughly based on, ive overlayed a side view of the chassis i'm building ... compare the two , i think its fairly close lol

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  11. Update

    okies here ya go after a few more hours on the project,it is as you might be able to see,now taking shape,

    pic 1+2 taken on top of a set of drawers , am struggeling to find a way to get all of it in one shot lol.

    pic 3 .. taken next to my A3 cutting board

    laters all

    comments welcome!!!

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  12. hmmmm???

    whats going on?

    I don't want to upset anyone but i'm still waiting for feedback on this build ?

    is it not interesting enough?

    or some other reason?

    c'mon i want feedback!!!!!

    if you look at the thread leave a comment, good or bad lol

    laterz all

    P.S will update build later with more pics
  13. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    The chassis is coming on a good 'un. It's gonna be BIG. I've got a 1/8 scale model car, and that's big enough. I'm really looking forward to seeing it with engine, suspension, etc.
  14. reply

    Not sure about the front fenders yet , thats a long way away,

    as for your other question,if and when i do finish the model ,and if i remember to save all the files, i will of course make it available for all who want to try it.

    but i have NO intention of making it a "purchase".....

    laterz all ....

    P.S pic update in about an hour from now before i go bed
  15. MAJOR

    MAJOR Member

    Dying to see the motor and transmisson build for this baby. Bit of a petrol head i am.

    btw, talking of big builds, has anybody seen this stuff. BIG
    Chris Gilmour

    imavingalaughaswell, keep motoring mate:thumb:
  16. Update

    okies here are the progress pics,you can see(or maybe not) at the rear end the two sets of rails that will hold the upper and lower wishbones,and towards the front ive done more of what some might call the transmission tunnel,.....

    i have now used up all the pieces ive drawn so no more bits to build yet,

    laterz all

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  17. josve

    josve Active Member

    Great project!!
    Will be following your build with the greatest interest!!
  18. I wonder why you have shosen to build a frame rather than use formers in areas that won't be visible? Or are you looking for overall accuracy? I havn'e build any cars yet so I don't know the standard. But in everything else I have built formers were the standard???
  19. reply

    because of the overall design of the model, and the detail i want to add to it which ever angle you look at it from some portion of the chassis would be visible,thus making a requirment in this case ....

    also its my first and maybe only paper/card model design project .and if you are going to do something you might as well make it worth the effort !! sign1

    no pics for today sorry have been busy with others things ,i am however just about to start drawing some more parts ,so tommorow i might get a bit more built ....

    laterz all
  20. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Looks to be a terrific build. Can't wait to build this one myself if the plans come out!

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