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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Bionic Modeler, May 12, 2009.

  1. I have officially gone bionic. Yes sireee bob. I have an implant fit only for Star Treky's. They attached leads to my spinal cord and implanted the reciever in the fatty area of my lower back. Now when I have a pain attack instead of reaching for the morphine, I can just turn on the stimulator and turn it down to a manageable level.

    Turns out I have an unusual patern of pain so I have to have two divices. They will install the other in about two months. I didn't expect it to hurt this much but in the end it will b e worth it. I posted awhile back about how I could model for hours and never feel my pain and as soon as I stopped it came back. Wll this works on the same principle. I get this little buzzing feeling where the pain should be. I have this remote charger so I can charge it thru the skin.

    Amazing stuff this technology!

    I think I will re-register with a new name. "Bionic Modeler" what do you think?
  2. Mechanic

    Mechanic Member

    OK, but every time I see one of your posts I want to hear the na-na-na-na-na sound!
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Ok there Steve Austin.
  4. gman95687

    gman95687 Member

    I have one of those wonderful spinal column stimulators. Made by Medtronics, they took 3 pieces of my vertibra out to place it in the correct area of my back specifically the sympathetic nervous region. Does ok when its working, I have had 5 surgeries to repair the leads that have torn out......oh my nick name is Uncle Fester since theory is that if I place a light bulb in my mouth, it will light up by itself...!
  5. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Awesome! Do keep us posted if you start giving electric shocks to people :) or start flying around with electro magnetic powers or something LOL :)(I think I've been watching too much of X-men lately)
  6. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Well, the only bad part about the bionic modeller, is that everytime the bionic man
    went hero, everything went into slow motion. Hence, will your modelling go into slow motion?

  7. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Glad you're doing better! It's inspiration for all of us (me).

    Did I ever tell you I'm from San Diego? Grew up in Mission Bay Park and Chula Vista. I left for the Air Force in 1976 and have only been back once in 1983 for a family reunion.

    Best Regards,
  8. aphelion16

    aphelion16 Member

    I am waiting for my bionic eyes to get here. With those puppies I wont have tired eyes from staring at little paper parts that designers love to include, or looking in the carpet for those same little parts which it turns out is stuck to my hand with a dab of glue !
    As somebody with herniated disks I do understand your pain all kidding aside.
  9. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    you guys jeeze come on,

    he has been fracking assimilated... :eek:

    he is borg

  10. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    Hey Tim, that's great news!! :thumb:

    I just hope this doesn't mean you are going to lose interest in card modeling! ;-)

    Very best wishes to you!
  11. aphelion16

    aphelion16 Member

    Oh gee what could possibly go wrong with a little assimilation ? Well my eyes are here, and I have an appointment with Dr Locutus .........
  12. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I am very glad to hear that you are doing better! I can change your username for ya, just give a shout! But not in a bionic voice, I have kids for that ;)
  13. Yes, I would like to change my ID to "Bionic modeler". Thank you. I didn't know we could make a change like that.

    I had to go in yesterday for re-programming. No I didn't stand in a slot with probes and tube coming out of my body (borg theory). But it is amazing how they are able to put the stiumation exactly where I want it. I say a little more to the left and he types a few commands and whalla it moves. The thing keeps working even after it is off. They said that in a small number of people the stimulation actually re-wires the nerves impulses and learns to replace the pain with the stimulation effec. What that means is my brain creates the effect on it's own meaning I only need to use is occasionally to jump start the process again. Man there is so much we don't know about our own bodies.

    I plan to resume modeling very soon. Right now I am still recovering. But thanks all for your support it has really given me a boost,
  14. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Change complete - you have been assimilated!
  15. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    na na na ... na na na .. Slowly he turns ... na na na ... slowly he leaps 50 feet.

    I loved that show. I sincerely hope it helps.
  16. gman95687

    gman95687 Member

    Spinal Column Stimulators are great piece of technology, but they arn't for everybody. I have had mine since 2005, and unfortunately I have had to have 6 major surgeries to replace leads, repair the base unit, and even change the battery. Best of luck to you, and I hope yours works better than mine!

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