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Discussion in 'Software' started by paper_dude, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. paper_dude

    paper_dude New Member

    I've made the change, to something better, newer, and more satisfying.

    No, I haven't switched from Coke to Pepsi.

    I've changed my graphics software from MS Paint to Corel Draw.


    Oh, the excitement of changing the width of a line that has previously been drawn!

    The joy of simply updating previous artwork!

    The wonders of watching a fantastic program perform repetitive work with ease!



    Now...if I could just draw a line form an exact starting coordinate to an exact ending coordinate.

    Oh sure, it's easy to point and click a line 'close' the the exact coordinates (shown in the lower-left portion of the application). But when I adjust the x,y coordinates in the toolbar, the whole damn line moves, not just the end point!

    So I read in help to use the 'transformations.' I do, and I try with 'relative' both off and on, but to no avail. Seems that I can't even click one of those little check boxes on or off anyways (they stay unchecked, even if I click them).


    Besides this teeny-tiny inconvenience, did I mention how happy I am with vector drawing?!


    Thanks for reading about my big change!
  2. Felixdk

    Felixdk New Member


    After you've drawn the line, you can drag the nodes on the ends anywhere you wish with the Shape Tool. Just put the cursor on it, hold the left mouse button down and drag it where you want it.
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Wow ... going from MSpaint to Coreldraw is like going from a Tricycle to a Harley Davidson.


    Like Felixdk said ... clicking with a special selection tool you can move either points of a single 'point-to-point' line.
  4. paper_dude

    paper_dude New Member

    thanks for the tips!

    Yes, I can move a node with the tool, but is there a way to enter coordinates (digits)? I find I'm trying to move perfectly every time to get an exact placement.

    I need (example) 41.042 cm, but the damn pointer keeps moving between 41.035 and 41.06!!! It seems that entering digits is much more precise.

    I can move the x,y coords by the line's center, but not by it's ends.

    I like to build 3d models by exact measurements, then match textures to those measurements. Not being exact feels uncomfortable. Even in MS Paint I could get the exact x,y coordinate of a pixel.

    I know placing exact coords of line beginning and ends can be done, I just can't figure out how...

    Any more help? :confused:
  5. Felixdk

    Felixdk New Member

    As far as I know, there is not a way to just type in the co-ordinates. You can, however make the movement of the nodes much more precise by zooming in on the node. The closer you are, the less sensitive the movements of the mouse become, so it is easy to move the node just a thousandth of an inch in any direction at a time.
  6. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    interesting ... I know you can transform any selection set with Illustrator. It always had that function. I'm surprised the competition doesn't have a similar setup.

    Check to see if there is a Nudge feature which you can set in the software properties that allows the arrow keys to move something x and y. The nudge can be set for a certain distance every button press.

    Of course the software may not have ANY of these features since I am only guessing from Illustrator.

    edit: just did a quickie search online...
    Corel Draw Tutorial
  7. paper_dude

    paper_dude New Member

    The zooming really helps a lot! It's much better. I have to zoom in for each line, but it still works well.

    I draw lines/polygons that represent the outline of the texture to be applied to a face on a 3d model, as it relates to the size of the rectangular image. This makes lining up art with other textures easier (although not always perfect).

    I'm surprised that such a powerful vector drawing tool dowsn't have a simple interface for inputting the starting and ending coordinates of a line, or even inputting multiple coordinates for several nodes at once.

    Maybe there is a plug-in for this...

    I looked over the Corel Draw tutorial link, but it wasn't as in-depth as the included Corel Draw Tutorial that I completed already. I appreciate the suggestion, though!


    Pictures coming soon!

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