The best brand of track???

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  1. O_HO_Nfanatic

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    I have a large collection of O/O-27 trains. I don't set them up much. I defer to Ngauge as a hobby due to space constraints. But in the last year I have become more "fanatical" about my O trains and continue to buy more. I keep putting them away for a rainy day. My collection spans from 1950's Lionel to newer MTH and AtlasO types. I just buy and display... Meanwhile, should I happen to get a wild hair up my butt to do a layout; what is the best brand of track going nowadays? With my collection, I only have two kinds both are old post war Lionel. The obvious all metal three rail type and another older Linel type with three rails and plastic ties. I see a lot of newer and better looking stuff out there. Any suggestions and why would be helpful. I concern myself mostly with Lionel Fastrac and AtlasO. If you have used them, what is you opinion? I have to stick with three rail due to older engines which require it. If there are other brands out there, feel free to share the info.


  2. Livesteam

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    I like the lionel track
  3. genophillipe

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    I use the Fastrack and have had no problems. I just changed out all my curves and switches from O36 to O72, and now I can run just about anything. I did add ballast to hide the screw holes, but I think it looks great right out of the box. Electrically nice and simple(although most 3 rail track is). If you have the room make your curves/switches O72, all the track components are now available. Good luck!
  4. Greg Elems

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    Personal prefrence is the Atlas O track. It lacks the molded on road bed, but the rails are solid and shaped properly. :D

  5. O_HO_Nfanatic

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    Thanks for the info! i think I am going to try both brands of track. I will set up a simple oval with two switches. I will keep and add upon the winner and sell the loser on ebay.
    I plan to go O72. I keep eyeing some of these high-end, 4 digit priced, really long steam locos. It's only a matter of time before I cave in and buy one.
  6. 60103

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    I suspect the older 3-rail track with plastic ties is Super-O. Lionel brought that out in the late 50s. It has a brass (?) strip down the centre for a third rail. Had separate connectors for the 3rd rail which tended to get lost.
    Fastrack has transition sections to the old O gauge track, but not the O-27 (smaller rails & ties).

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