The Ash Creek Lumber Co.

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    Drew, in the third picture of the MOW flat, there is a "service structure" in the background (the black one). What is it and where do I get one?...;)

    Tom F

    PS: You can keep right on posting shots of this little layout--what a joy!
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    Service Structure

    Well Tom,:D :D I'm not sure were it came from:D :D uh, you know, the scrap box;) ;)

    But I do know that it is the beginning of the power system for the Ash Creek and the town of McCloud. Sawmills were famous for supplying power for the whole town:cool: :cool: And the Ash Creek was no different. From that little power station, I'll run power lines over three power poles, to a couple of the larger buildings in town, some day! That will be last!


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    Drew, your diorama looks really good! It looks like "Ash Creek" might if it was still around. However Ash Creek mill burned to the ground in 1902 and was never rebuilt. About 4 miles of the spur to Ash Creek was retained as a logging spur, and the rest of the rail was pulled up and used in order to reach Bartle in 1905. (Ash Creek was 12 miles N/E of McCloud) The use of an ex-Espee loco is clever as the McRRR always had good relations with the SP and actually did buy several locos from them altho, the McCloud didn't "dieselize" until 1948..........Satokuma, the McCloud River line runs between Mt Shasta and an "SP" connection on it's west end, and Lookout Junction and the "GN "tracks to the east. In 1955 a line was built from Bartle (approx 1/2 way between Mt. Shasta and LO Jct) south to Burney and the sawmill there. The McCloud was founded in 1897 and still runs today altho' there have been several different owners during that time. Two interesting things about modeling the MR are the very stiff ruling grade of 4.4% and the use of a switchback (still in use) between McCloud and Mt. Shasta.
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    Re: On Order

    That Heisler is a good prototypical choice since the McCloud used 2 of them for a short time. At one time McCloud's 60 ton Heisler was the biggest made! However both the 3 and 2 truck Heislers that McCloud owned were gone by 1906. As an added note, the real McCloud never used any skeleton cars, all logging was done with flatcars. But the Rivarossi skels look nice so what the heck! :D :cool:
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    Re: Service Structure

    McCloud River Lmbr Co did provide power to it's "company town" from their powerplant at the millsite. And the power was shut off every night at 11:00 PM!

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