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    “It's been a long way, but we're here.” -- Alan Shepard

    I am proud to announce that the next installment of the Apollo Historical Series will be available imminently at The Lower Hudson Valley Paper Model E-Gift Shop ( -- the long awaited collection of Saturn V models will now be available!

    Included in the collection are 1/480th scale models of ALL the Saturn V’s ever launched and their accompanying Mobile Launchers & LUTs. Also included are Skylab 1 and SA-500F, the famous Facilities Checkout Vehicle.

    To round out the collection, Alfonso Moreno of AXM Paper Space Scale Models ( has come aboard and has made possible the inclusion of his fabulous Crawler/Transporter model, shrunken down to matching 1/480th scale!

    Included with each model is a fully illustrated instruction manual, and a fact sheet on each mission.

    I thank you for your patience, and hope you enjoy the models.


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  2. Bengt F

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    The New Saturn V 1:480 Scale Models Are Here!

    That's Affirmative, Mike!
    A-One! Way To Go! Hooray! Yay!

    You have done a tremendous job - what an effort! Sorry we've been on your tail like bloodhounds...
    I am really looking forward to get started on the historically correct Apollo 11 Saturn V with the LUT and crawler and all. Where's that shoe box now . . ?

    A million thanks, Mike - you're The Man!!!

    All the best,
    Bengt in Stockholm :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Twenty-one pages of assembly instructions, with photos - what an amazing feat!!! Well done, Mike!
    Furthermore, there is a whole new level of detailing on the Saturn V, from the new thrust fairings, the F-1 thrust bells, the flag emblems and 'UNITED STATES' logos all the way up to the new detailed design of the Apollo Service Module body. I am impressed. BF.
  3. WeeVikes

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    Thank you for your patience and your enthusiasm.

    The vastly updated graphics are George's work. Wanting to preserve what he did and getting it right is why this took so long to get out. We had a scaling issue that I was unable to fix until just recently. Until then, there was no way I was going to release a substandard product.

    I will, however take credit for the instructions. I know how I go about putting it together, and I'd learned some things over the years that I thought might be helpful, so I wanted to document the assembly as fully as I could.

    Enjoy the model, and I'd love to see your results.

  4. Bengt F

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    Thank YOU, Mike (and George)!

    I've got it ALL downloaded now, and the instructions are printed out on good paper.

    I like the informative fact sheet that you have supplied with each model - that puts each model and spacecraft into the historical context.

    I remember these missions well - I was a teenager at the time. The Apollo 8 message from the Moon at Christmas time to all men of the good planet Earth moved us all. And to top it off, the amazing detailed color photos of the Earth rising behind the Moon's horizon (taken with Swedish Hasselblad cameras) that appeared in our daily newspaper some time later - that was history in the making.

    I must try to find some time to print the new sheets and finish the Apollo 11/Saturn V & LUT model now.

    Thanks again, Mike!
    /Bengt :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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