The Apollo Historical Series in 1/480th scale released!

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. WeeVikes

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    Good to see you've come up for air. Hopefully your project is going well and we'll see you around.

  2. iprefermuffins

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    Hi Mike, any news on the updated Saturn V? I just wanted to express my interest - your apparently older version of it was on my build list but the existence of a newer one is news to me, and I'd very much like to see it released.

    Hope things are going well with your family and work (George too). Thank you for your great work!
  3. iprefermuffins

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    Hi, it's me again. I'm wondering if there's anything I or other people could do to help get these models out to the world. What remains to be done? It sounds like they still need instructions, but would you be comfortable with releasing the patterns as-is and maybe having some builders try to figure it out and write up some instructions based on their experiences?
  4. the mole

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    I agree with iprefermuffins. If we have the parts in front of us I'm pretty sure we could figure things out. If someone couldn't, I'm sure someone else would help them out here on this forum.
  5. WeeVikes

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    Relatively good news.

    I've picked the project back up. My work situation is changing again, and I've come to the conclusion that if I don't get this done soon, it'll never happen.

    I've been re-collating all the files, re-connecting with George to make sure I have everything, tweaking a few things, etc. etc. I believe all the models are there.

    Next will be my building one of the kits -- I'm leaning toward the update of the Saturn V/MLP/LUT, documenting the build with photos, putting together some instructions, and getting the files sent to Jon Leslie. I'm crushed this weekend, but I hope to start my build within the next week or so, so hopefully very soon I can get the next wave of models to you.

    I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. I know it's been forever. Maybe I'll drag this thing across the finish line after all.


  6. the mole

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    You are right this is good news. Hang in there it will get done.:thumb:
  7. Bengt F

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    Saturn V Updates!

    Hi Mike,

    This is indeed good news - I, for one, never stopped hoping. Time to get all the parts out of the shoe box for a continued Saturn V/Apollo 11 and LUT build in a week or two . . .

    This will be fun! Thanks for all the hard and dedicated work - lt is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the new historically correct Saturn V/Apollo 11 model.

    All the best from Sweden,
    Bengt :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  8. WeeVikes

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    Sorry to keep you in particular waiting so long.

    You'll have to wait just a little longer on the S-V's. George and I had a minor technical glitch with them, but we're working as we speak to get it sorted out. We believe it to be a straightforward fix, but just a little time consuming. Once that is done, I'll work up an assembly guide worthy of the model and get the kits out ASAP. There are LOTS of files associated with the complete S-V collection, so we have to work out a little bit of logistics to get them out. Shouldn't be a problem, though.

    In the meantime, I just sent round two of the collection over to Jon Leslie, so hopefully in very short order you'll have some more interesting itty-bitty pieces of the Apollo program to build!

  9. paulhbell

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    It's good to see the 1/480's back on track again. I have a question though, would you be willing to post the updates over at the papermodelers forum as well. I come and look around zealot at least every day, but some of the other builders only post at papermodelers now. And it would be nice for them to see these as well.
  10. WeeVikes

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    Go take a look at the other site...

  11. paulhbell

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    Sorry bout that, guess I should look better.
  12. WeeVikes

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    Nothing to be sorry for. You were looking out for the community at-large!
  13. WeeVikes

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    The next set of models is now available at Jon Leslie's site, the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center E-Giftshop,

    The current release includes Launch Complex 34, AS-201, AS-202, Apollo 7, and Apollo 1.

    More to follow relatively shortly!.

  14. Nath Smith

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  15. paulhbell

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    Excellent. These are going to look really good all lined up together. Nice work.
  16. Nando

    Nando Designer Extraordinaire

    Fantastic job. I'm glad to see that the series has not been broken, but Mike and George have returned to work. Then I can resume work interrupted.

    Now I'm eager to see the series of the Saturn V and I make a proposal:

    someone can make the Soyuz rocket to the scale 1 / 480 to accompany the Saturn ATP?

    Best, Nando :thumb:
  17. Dyna-Soar

    Dyna-Soar Member

    How about a VAB?
  18. Nando

    Nando Designer Extraordinaire

    Two years ago Lee Ann Ward gave to me her VAB as a beta tester. I'm feeling very embarrassed but I never did it, as I never completed my crawler, MLP, Saturn .... It's a long list...

    I would like to do something like this (first picture): to reproduce at least a portion of the VAB, the Portal with LUT and Saturn on the Crawler coming out.

    But life took me otherwhere ...

    The scale is 1/1000, then we have to do some rescaling for to match 1/480 scale of the Historical Series, almost double it. If someone could contact Anne for to ask her the permission, then I can give him the files.

    The second picture depicts the completed VAB: the base is nearly an A4 sheet [Base - 216 x 283.5 mm (8.5" x 11")]. At 1/480 it's very BIG! The BIGGEST building of the world! :mrgreen:

    Best, Nando :thumb:

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  19. WeeVikes

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    I spoke to Lee Ann about it back when the Series was first cranking up, then again a couple weeks ago. I also have a beta of the model, which I also haven't built.

    I started playing with it a little a week or so ago, to see if I could scale it up, change some of the graphics to more accurately fit the Apollo era vs. the Space Shuttle, etc. I haven't figured it all out yet.

    I wouldn't say that it's out of the question that she'd ever rework it to 1/480th, but it'd probably take a little gentle persuasion.

  20. sjsquirrel

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    You guys are awesome!

    Thanks for all your hard work.


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