The Apollo Historical Series in 1/480th scale released!

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Bengt F

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    BIG is Better . . ?

    Hi all,

    I couldn´t resist posting these two photos - has 1:48 scale FLYABLE Saturn 1B and V plastic rockets, that are almost as detailed as Ton´s or Greelt´s fine paper models. The Saturn V model stands 7 1/2 feet tall:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That´s not all - there is also this GIANT 1:24 scale Gemini-Titan II:


    :rolleyes: If you´d like to know more about these models or appropriate engines for them or have a look at a short launching video clip, check this link:
    Saturn V model 1/48 , Saturn 5 model 1/48

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:

    PS. (Addition): Here is a link to the manufacturer of these models: index
  2. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    ahhh the power of advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John John
  3. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    What a Mighty Stick You Have, Sir . . !

    Indeed, John John!

    A little bit of female attraction can sell almost anything . . .
    In this case, though, one of them is covering up some interesting detailing on the Saturn 1B´s second stage adapter . . .

    Bengt :mrgreen:
  4. Simmo

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    For some reason I can't see the Saturn rockets in those photos.........ohh, there they are. :mrgreen:
  5. Nando

    Nando Designer Extraordinaire

    Ok, this is not so appealing ....

    as the Bengt's one :mrgreen:, and, ok this is not a paper model but I think all the modelers and especially the space enthusiasts can appreciate this Saturn. Look at the picture below: It isn't from the real one! jawdrop

    Best, Nando
  6. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    1:48 Scale Saturn V Plastic Model

    Impressive, Nando,

    There are lots of plastic and resin parts in 1:48 scale for the Apollo-Saturn V structure, for example a very detailed F-1 rocket engine.
    I have had a look at the CSM model and I would say, that from my point of view, the tape strips on the CM are much too wide and the detailing around the windows, etc, could be expected to be a little better at this large scale.

    Still, a very impressive project. A great find, very good as a card model reference. Thanks for sharing.

    Bengt :thumb:
  7. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    I Have Struck a Gold Mine!

    Thanks, Nando!

    Following one of the links from the Saturn V modeler´s page to the "Nasa History Division" I found an immense source of hi-quality reference material.

    Most of what was photographed with NASA´s Hasselblad 500 Electric Data Cameras (for example the first Moon landing) is published here as hi-resolution scans from the original KODAK Eastman Ektachrome 70mm 55x55mm color transparencies!
    The Project Apollo Image Gallery
    After following this link, click "Full Hasselblad Magazines" and select your images of interest - try for example "Apollo 11 - 40/S (Color) EVA". Then click "Armstrong´s first photo after setting foot on the Moon". To the right of the thumbnail picture, click "Hi-Res" and, lo and behold, you will see what Neill actually saw that first day on the Moon, through the incredibly sharp Carl Zeiss Biogon 5,6/60mm lens with it´s polarizer filter! The quality of these original transparencies is unbelievable!
    You can see details of for example the LEM, down to the tapes of the golden foils on the legs of the lander. If you want to super-detail your U-Don LM 1:48 scale (or larger!) model, here is your complete reference library.
    For me as a professional photographer and long-time Hasselblad camera system owner and enthusiast (since 1970), this is something of immense value.

    So, now I know what to do with the forthcoming nights of this week - I will go through ALL these Hi-Res images, one by one . . .

    Thanks again, Nando!
    Bengt :thumb::thumb:
  8. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    'Ed 'Buzz' Aldrin Unpacking Experiments From The Lunar Module

    Hi all,

    I know this is perhaps a bit off-topic, but it is, in fact, Apollo-Saturn V-related:

    Enjoy the amazing, vibrant quality of this original Hasselblad color transparency image from The Moon´s surface:

    Photo: Neill Armstrong, NASA, on the Moon, July 20th, 1969.

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:
  9. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

  10. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    More Girlie Pictures . . .

    Hi all,

    More 'advertising' (for Saturn V models slightly larger than 1:480):

    I found the home page for CJS Aviation with the 1:24 and 1:48 scale resin rocket models (yes, I know, plastic). I post it because it´s a great reference for making detailed large scale card models, for example a Saturn V 1:48 model by Ton N. or Greelt P: index

    You´ll find images of the 1:24 scale Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas and Little Joe II launchers and the 1:48 scale Saturn 1B and Saturn V launchers.
    There is also a 1:62 scale Space Shuttle model, complete with SRBs and ET.

    The detailing of for example the launch escape towers is great - look for example at the picture of the Mercury capsule and launch tower, down to small decals with warning texts, logos, etc: MERCREDSTONE2

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:
  11. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    the more i look at photos like neill armstrong photo above the more and more convinced i become that the lunar landing was faked
  12. wedge

    wedge Member

    No comment
  13. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Slightly OT but was Armstrong notibly famous for not being actually pictured on the moon as he was the one with the camera for the EVA? only his reflection I believe in Aldrins famous portrait?

    I just noticed Bengt that you and I seem to visit the same online shops and topics a lot, Titanic, Apollo etc...I have the Giant A14 moonpans autographed by Ed. Mitchell hanging on my wall and the matching autographed Dave Scott one on the way...

    Bit too weird...

    Other comments dont deserve a reply, but God bless those with a sense of humour eh?

    John John
  14. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Fake Moon Landing . . ?

    Col. Kurtz,

    I don´t want to get involved in political discussions in this forum, because it is not the proper place for it. I just want to refer to this analogy: There are a some people who also claim that the German Nazi extermination camps all over eastern Europe during WW II didn´t exist, either, or were faked. These people are known as history revisionists.

    I am sure that you have very well-founded arguments to support your claim. I would be most interested to hear them?

    Bengt in Stockholm :confused:
  15. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Neil Armstrong, Lunar Photographer

    I believe you are right there, John John,

    After stepping onto the Moon´s surface (which was recorded by a black & white TV camera mounted on the left side of the LM ladder), Neil Armstrong was the one holding one of the three Hasselblad 500 Electric Data Cameras and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin was busy planting the US flag and saluting it for a couple of photos, carrying out different tasks, unpacking scientific experiments, etc, etc. Even the famous 'first footprint on the Moon' was in fact made by 'Buzz' and photographed by Neil. Here´s the type of photo you were talking about, with a helmet golden filter visor reflection:


    Neil Armstrong did a very good job of it, although it is very difficult to set the exact sharpness and frame the picture with this kind of camera. It lacks the usual viewfinder and ground glass, because the dedicated Carl Zeiss Biogon 4,5/60mm lens is a 'true' wide angle construction (with extremely high resolution and virtually no distorsion), where the rear elements take up the space normally reserved for the SLR mirror. The camera was equipped instead with a kind of 'gun sight', that could be used with a space helmet. It is the small triangular-shaped item on top of the front part of the lens, which is aligned with the flat 'gun sight' on top of the camera housing:


    It must also have been very difficult to hold it level, because he held it in a sort of 'pistol grip', which was attached at the bottom of the camera and extended from a 'chestpack' strap on front of the space suit - this is what it looks like:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This, and in some rare cases inexact focal points, shows in some photos but overall the quality of the majority of photos is amazing. In some photos, Neil has inadvertantly triggered his camera, while walking around in his thick, cumbersome space suit. One has to take into account that no one had ever experienced the low gravity of the Moon, although the astronauts in fact had been trained in Lunar photography in their space suits on Earth. The polarizing filter, which was permanently attached to the Lunar cameras (to counter all metallic reflective areas), also decreased the light by two full aperture stops, which narrows down the field of sharpness considerably. Furthermore, the 70mm Eastman Ektachrome transparency film that was used (the same type as in IMAX theaters, by the way) had a sensitivity of only 64 or 100 ASA, to begin with.

    So, I would say that Neil Armstrong surmounted a lot of really difficult obstacles to record some truly historical evidence of the first Moon landing.


    All the best from Sweden - the home of the Hasselblad camera,
    Bengt :thumb:
  16. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Quick Time Virtual Reality Apollo 11 Landing Site 360° Panorama

    Hi all,

    This thread is becoming a 'library' of Saturn V and Apollo-related stuff, and I guess I am much to blame for this . . .
    Here is a link to a picture resource page, with several interesting QTVR panorama images: NOVA Online | To the Moon | Apollo 11
    So, it seems Neil Armstrong turned around, holding his camera very much level, taking a number of over-lapping photos, which produced this amazing panorama.

    And here´s another panorama from the last and most lengthy mission to the Moon in 1972, Apollo 17, with geologist Harrison Schmitt collecting soil samples from the Lunar surface in the North massif of the Taurus-Littrow range. The Lunar Rover, which was employed in very long drives away from the Lunar Module, can also be seen in the panorama: NOVA Online | To the Moon | Apollo 17

    Nice, aren´t they?
    Bengt :thumb:
  17. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Neil Armstrong´s Reflection in Aldrin´s Helmet

    John John,

    I found this page on the Apollo 11 - in the 7th row of images is the famous photo you were referring to: The History Place - Apollo 11

    Bengt :thumb:
  18. Mechanic

    Mechanic Member

    Maybe you should educate yourself a little, might I recommend:

    Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Bad TV

    There is a list of most, if not all, of things that people have used as examples of "proof" it was faked and why some people are making incorrect assumptions about these "proofs".

    Like Bengt, I'd be curious as to what is convincing you it was faked; and if it is something addressed at Bad Astronomy.

  19. I hope you are kidding! To say that is to invalidate the effort of all these fine men who risked their lives to go to the moon. Anyone who truly believes that this was faked probably believes that the Wright bros flight was faked. Or that the German's never flew a V-2. or the haolcaust never happened, What the heck why believe antything that is historical since we can't see it. Just think how stupid that thought is (for those who really believe it), Do you think for one moment the Russians wouldn't have loved to expose this as a fake if they could? Even now when they interview Russian Sciantists whe were there, none of them ever is so rediculously naive as to even raise the question that it was faked. They, above all people would have championed the charge if the Americans would have been so bold as to try and fake this.

    Yeah it was faked, so was the landing on D-Day (just a lot of special effects). Oh, That's right the French were freed so maybe that was real. What about all the knowledge that was gained by these flights? All the eye witnesses. Was Apollo 13 faked? Hell the whole Moon space program must have been a lot of special effects just to beat the Russians who by the way really do believe they were beaten.

    So to all you conspiracy morons out there I say "GET A LIFE!"
  20. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Very Well put sir. Infact these are very convincing arguments. Had it beenfaked, the Russians (at the time Soviet Union) would've done anything to prove it was faked. They would've thrown a holiday just for proving America faked the landings. The Russians tried their best to get to the moon first but they indeed couldn't reach their goal. They actually listened in on our flights to the moons just to make sure that they weren't faking it. Had they found one..JUST ONE..bit of audio that proved them to have been faking everything, they would've been mass producing it to let everyone know.

    and the argument of Apollo 13, if the consiracy was true, and the astronauts had been only orbiting the earth, there would've been no problem of the SM exlosion. They could just've easily filmed the landing and saved it. They would've roled the footage of the moon landing and then a few days later play the pre-recorded footage of the splash down. Unfortunately to those conspirists (which most today were born AFTER the moon landings), they had the explosion and since they were real, they had to get them back without a landing. It is that simple, if it was faked, there still could've been a landing, but there wasn't. Because the astronauts were REALLY on their way to the Moon, there REALLY was an explosion, and they had to get them back.

    Simple minds can figure out that all the evidence that says the landings were fake are easily disputable.
    1."you can see him clearly even when he is in the shadow"
    2."there is a harness on them to make them seem weightless"
    3."the stars aren't visible in the pictures"

    All of this can be proven. 1. the whiteish color of the surface reflecs the light onto the suits. 2. the 'harness' that glints in the sunlight is a communications antenna (they didn't have wires trailing out the door) 3. the light surface of the moon and the astronauts are focused on first before the stars in the background. (try taking a picture of a snowy field during the night and you won't see stars (and for those who would say zoom in..try using the type of camera's they had back then))

    The moon landings were 100% real and the 'evidence' that 'proves' the landings fake is easily reversible to prove that the landings were REAL.

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