The Alan Rose DC-3 by DanBKing

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by DanBKing, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Now that you have done this, everything, and anything after will be derivative of what you have done. I wish I had thought bout it first! Talk about thinking out of the box! :)
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    :) I am glad you are all enjoying this, 'cause so am I :);)

    @Revell-Fan As Tim Curry once said in the Rocky Horror Picture Show:- I see you shiver with antici..................................................................................................... pation!;)o_O

    Just a quick update.

    I got the base colouring onto the brickwork last night.
    Everything was given a slightly wet dry-brush (if that makes sense!) of a light umber colour. This leaves the black shadowing in the cracks, but highlights the raised areas.
    While this was still wet, I placed 5 different pools of acrylic kids paint into a tray. The tray I used was a 24 can beer tray, lined with sandwich wrapping! ("Typical", says the missus [​IMG])
    I used yellow, burnt umber, burnt sienna, red and black. I then took a damp household cleaning sponge and randomly dabbed it into the paint pools and then continued randomly dabbing the paint filled sponge all over the surface of the bricks, blending as I went.

    I took some quick pics, but the lighting and/or flash, does not do it any justice, but you get the idea.

    I could not do anymore last night as I needed to let everything dry thoroughly. Next up, I will use washes and more dry-brushing to enhance the mortar lines and other general colouring and highlighting.


    DSC_0036.jpg DSC_0037.jpg DSC_0051.jpg DSC_0053.jpg DSC_0024.jpg
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    That is an ABSOLUTELY GREAT way of displaying this model!!!
    I am looking forward to see how this will turn out!!!
  5. DanBKing

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    @Rhaven Blaack Well, look forward no more, my friend, because now it stands in front of you!

    @Revell-Fan The expecta.........................tion is now over!

    I tried to create a sandy coloured brick, to blend in with the general colour scheme of my lounge, where all the furniture is light oak.
    I have sorted out how I am going to mount everything, so it is simple to remove from the wall. The plane is also detachable from the base/frame, if I ever need to display it separately.

    I used filter wool, that I use in my aquarium filter, to create a dust/smoke effect around the hole. This was done by stretching the stuff out to fit and then spraying the resulting forms with black matt paint. I then put a snaky bead of tacky glue on the backing board around the perimeter of the plane and glued the wool down to this. Once dry, I hung the whole model in place on the wall and teased out the wool until I got the effect I was looking for.

    It now has an overall 'cartoony' effect, but, to be honest I like it that way.

    199596d1393777023-alan-rose-dc-3-danbking-dsc_0133.jpg 199597d1393777046-alan-rose-dc-3-danbking-dsc_0136.jpg

    So in closing, I thank you all for looking in everybody, and thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    See you around the forum!

    ***** EDIT: I noticed too late, that my 'mortar lines' in some places, do not run true to level...:oops:
    I will remedy this at a later stage, by re-colouring where necessary ! *******
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    It looks AMAZING!!!
    You did a SPECTACULAR JOB on this project!!!
  7. DanBKing

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    Thanks RB. :D
  8. Revell-Fan

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    LIKED! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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  10. DanBKing

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    It's been just under a year since I last posted anything of value on this site......
    My paper modelling has sadly taken the back burner for a long time now.
    Let's just say that 2014 is a year that I want to quickly forget!

    Anyway, way back when I posted the pics of the finished DC3 project in this thread, I also posted the pictures to Facebook and somebody on FB commented that it looked like "a set of brick lips with a plane for a tongue!"
    That comment stuck in my mind, and indeed, it does look a bit like that .....! And I have to say, I have never been 100% happy with the finished look of it. So, time to eradicate that problem!

    And this is how I did it.........

    I took a trip down to the local hardware store and bought a sheet of 3mm hardboard cut to 180cm x 60cm (5'10" x 2') and some lengths of timber to use as a frame.
    I cut the frame to size and mitered the corners. I then temporarily tacked the frame pieces to the backing board. I then placed a sheet of foam into the resulting space inside the frame. This is the same foam that I used before. The original backing board for the model was then placed in position on the new foam and a line drawn around the perimeter. The resulting shape was then cut out of the new foam.
    (Apologies for the crappy photos, my camera phone leaves a lot to be desired!)


    The edges of the hole were then carved to match the taper of the edge of the original backing board so that the edges joined up smoothly.
    Once I was happy with everything, I glued the original backing board to the new one. I then marked out all the bricks.


    I then scored all these lines with the side of the blade of a flat screwdriver. I then broke the foam along these lines to create a rough edge.


    Each 'brick" was roughened up with a wire brush to achieve a rough brick-like texture. Each individual brick was then glued to the backing board with hot glue.
    (WARNING to those with spouses: Working with this foam makes a hell of a mess and the resulting bits stick to everything. I was finding it for days around the house, and other unexpected places too! [​IMG])

    And this is the result .........


    Once everything was textured up to my liking I then painted the new foam bricks and the original bricks flat black. I then dry brushed a yellow/tan colour over each brick for a base colour.
    I darkened some of the mortar lines with a wash of black paint to highlight where the mortar would of cracked from the impact of the plane. The areas of mortar without any cracking was highlighted with a creamy wash.
    Again, sorry for the photo quality. It really does not do it justice.


    The whole thing was then left overnight to dry out properly, ready for the next stage.
    Using various colour mixes I dry brushed each individual brick, making sure that the colours were staggered around the board.


    Once this was dry enough, I then proceeded to dry brush the mortar lines in with a light sand colour.


    After a few touch ups and small changes to the finish, I removed the frame pieces and cleaned them up and sprayed them flat black. These were then re-bonded to the back board.
    I then mounted the thing to the wall and attached the plane.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the end result!

    DSC_0342.JPG DSC_0339.JPG

    I will be back in the near future with some new projects and also some updates to existing ones!
    Thanks for looking in one and all!
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    It looks FANTASTIC!!!
  12. Revell-Fan

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    HOLY FRAKKIN' AWESOME!!! I don't know what's greater - the model or the fact that DAN HAS RETURNED!!! :):):) Welcome back, my friend! :Congrats::Drinks::Bravo:
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  13. DanBKing

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    @Rhaven Blaack Thanks!
    @Revell-Fan Thanks. It certainly has been a while. I have been lurking now and again, but now I'm gonna do my best to post a few more models and finish some soon...
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    what an AWESOME way to display a model. If no one stops me quickly, I may begin busting holes in my walls to display models like this :D
  15. zathros

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    Man this rules. I could see myself watching the model instead of the T.V..
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    This is a great thread about a great Model!!!!
  17. micahrogers

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    I guess I just missed this whole thread until today.
    All I can say Is WOW... awesome work Dan.
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    Another Brick In The Wall ......

    Or not, as the case may be ........


    As I have to remove the DC3 display from its current placement, to make way for the Discovery model and display case, (eventually,) I decided that now was a good time to strip the whole thing and to start again.
    Because, as I've said, I still was not happy with the finished effect.

    I'm glad to see the last of the 'lips'!
    But, when I took the thing down from the wall, I stood the whole board lengthwise on one end. And when I stood back, it suddenly dawned on me what else the lips look like, when displayed at that orientation ...... :jawdrop::wideyed::shamefullyembarrased:

    I will start sorting out the needed materials soon, and this will make a good project for a rainy weekend ....... Well, where I live, that seems to be every bloody weekend.......:sadno: :)

    See you soon, for version 3 ........

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    Vertical lips... Yep, of course. What else would you have expected? :D ;)
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    Twat do you mean? This went over my head. I thought it looked great. Are you going for a more tradition mounting, Maybe on approach to a mowed lawn. ;)

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