The airplane i made for design class! JAW Terra Firma!

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Jimi, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Jimi

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    Im quite sorry for i only got to photograph the thing that took me two months to build just now. I also would really like to apologize for the really poor shots. since i dont have a digicam, i photographed the plane using an ordinary camera and had the pictures scanned after i had it developed. to make matters worse, I do intend to show you guys how i "stitched" the windshield of my plane (which is photocopier acetate). which is a very neat method without the use of adhesives. but the shots were quite horrible. i'll probably edit the pics and try my best to show it when i get some free time..

    Anyway, this is my plane. I designed i as a utility plane that works close to the ground hence the name, Terra Firma. I really did plan to make the paint scheme of the plane to look aggresive and sporty. but it changed after i got to contact a friend of mine after 5 years (too bad, she's in shanghai right now) who's taking up medicine. So it turned into a red cross bushplane/ medevac plane. The registration numbers on the plane is ZS-JAL which is also quite special. ZS (south africa) and JAL (which stands for JAmes and ALice combined). hehehe..

    I do have to thank you guys for all the help! And more so, for reviving my interest in cardmodeling again. Before, i viewed my cardmodeling more as a "skill" which i only do if im needed to make one. I'll probably design a scale model of the plane i had a lot of really fun memories when i was a kid after i get some free time (dad once flew Philippine Airlines' Fokker 50 for two years before being assigned to Boeing 737-300's until 1998. he tranferred to Cebu Pacific Air after the pilot's strike and now flies DC-9's).

    anyway, here's my plane.
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    Blimey another designer. Effective and a civilian kite as well.

  3. Jimi

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    the view from the top. the plane at the lower right is the "unfinished Macchi". An mc205 veltro i quit building 4 years ago.
  4. Jimi

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    the poor view of the nose. when i was in the design phase, i had the choice between two cowlings. the traditional one (the one with an offset air intake) and the fiberglass one (which makes the six cylinder LOM- Walter M337ce look more like a turboprop engine) I chose the offset air intake more because of looks. quite intriguing..
  5. Jimi

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    a view of the underside. at the right is a model i made 5 years ago. i was a college freshman then at airlink. and luckily, i was chosen as a draftsman when one of the senior students saw me making a section drawing of a ME-110 at school! it was for the planned OV-10 bronco COIN aircraft replacement. unfortunately, the project came to a halt. And the head of the bureau got shot in the NAIA tower after a rumored coup attempt. last year.. Cant speak more bout that. :?
  6. Jimi

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    a shot of some of the planes that i just displayed in my room. at the left, my design. on the middle is the ultrawacky mercenaric F-16 falcon complete with gnarly logos and MTV stickers! (oddly enough, it's the one that got me into cardmodeling). I recieved it as a gift from my cousin's ex boyfriend. and on the right, the aborted COIN plane.
  7. Jimi

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    Honey i shrunk the plane! the most decent shot..
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  9. Jimi

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  10. Huey

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    Hi Jimi,

    thats a cool model! scratch built i suppose, which is easy for an areonautics student like you. would be nice to see you design and build a Boeing 747 "Megatop" (Singapore Airline). I have yet to see a real decent model on any thread in any of the other card model forums. great work!

  11. Gil

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    Nice work! Waiting for how you "stitched" the windshield on. Cardmodeling design is a great way to test out and improve design skills...., you're now on to bigger and better designs....,

    Best regards, Gil
  12. Jimi

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    thanks guys.. :D oh yeah, the scale of this plane is a bit unconventional (1:30). I want to make the scale a bit standard like 1:33 but it's the requirement of the instructor. id try to show you the stitching method on how i did it when i get some free time (tough to be a graduating student). anyway, i'd want to make a model of this plane that's bugging my conscience. had a lot of fun memories in this plane (i mean a lot). the good thing is, dad has training manuals of this plane at home. and included are 3 views, cutaways, details etc.. though, i know, it will be difficult. I still have a lot to learn.. both in designing and building.
  13. yaniv

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    g8 model dude
    realy nice work

    ther is a palce thet we can order this one u disighn?

    realy ampresiv work
  14. Jimi

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    umm, yaniv, the plane is 100% scratchbuilt. and yup. it's my very own design. though it would be really nice if i can post plans of my plane (i would love to share it with others), the design has a lot of faults in it (wrong scale on some, some parts fit poorly, and items like the tires, landing gear assembly, interior, control sticks, stub antennas, and rudder pedals, i did using a small drauhting table and to save time and maximize the use of scrap paper). the print format of this plane is in autocad.
  15. yaniv

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    i think thet all the model is from paper :)

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