That "Wheeling Feeling?"

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by MilesWestern, Nov 13, 2005.

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    Could be because they just don't have the ambition to repaint it. Their Brewster shops have an EPA-compliant paint booth that they never seem to use. It could also be because their chairman is a former Rio Grande exec, too.
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    The tunnel motor units were simply the best SD40-2s available on the market at the time. Other than their strange looks and modified air intakes they are exactly like a "normal" SD40-2. That's why B&LE, DM&IR, and KCS also ended up with fleets of them even though they don't have any tunnels to speak of. Even if an SD40-series unit isn't available, it's still more economical to rebuild an SD45 into one than purchase new power. A lot of the SD45s that are in lease fleets, namely CEFX's, have been rebuilt to SD40-3 specifications and only look like an SD45.
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    Brian,R.J.Corman also has tunnel motors..Numbers5353,5361,5372,5409,8307
    8336,8569 and 8718 and has 3 SD40-2s numbers 3438,3478 and 3944.
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    the W&LE bought several ex Rio Grande locomotives. I see them every once and a while when I drive through on I-76. I like their new Rio Grande inspired paint scheme too :D
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    Wheeling owns 8 former D&RGW locomotives

    GP35 3045
    GP40-3 301,302,303
    GP40 3080, 3087
    SD40T-2 5391, 5413

    mind you, the 300 series numbers are not the orignal DRGW numbers. They were 3000 and 3100 series units before being rebuilt by the wheeling.

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