Thank you, Masamune Washington, For this great kit

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    Last night I started on my first complex model. I had been doing the Hako-Clones for a few days before I started this.I finished it tonight in just around 4 hours of work time put into it. I got it off of Masamune Washington's site. It's the 13cm Optimus Prime.

    Thank you for putting this up. It has been a lot of fun, and opened up this wonderful hobby to me.
  2. I should probably perform heavy upgrades and re-release it. ^_^
    A point in construction that I did not detail well in instructions, the face was designed to curve out.
    This simplifies the geometry for easy building at the small size, while attempting to suggest fuller shape.

    Also in the above image; it was a laserprinting test... as covered in other threads: DON'T. Besides treating the cut edges with felt-tip markers I repetitively treated each folded edge due to hideous amounts of flaking.

    There is one better, which is sitting archived.
    The same amount of effort to build the 13cm is just in one hand on this
    I'm reluctant to release it at all, I keep getting email from China asking for it.
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    greattt model masamune :)

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