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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by mapuc, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Well! Just by reading and looking at all those picture, that has been postet in here, I have learned so much about cardmodelling.

    I wonder how my Queen MaryII would have looked like if I haven't got all those tips from you. It would likely be full og mistakes and so on.

    And I have offcourse learned something myself by building things from the internet.

    and that's is

    have the right knife, the right scissors and the rigth glue
    and som card from 2 mm to ½mm(where you can fasten the A4 papper(80g/m2))

    With regards
  2. lgl007

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    Hey Marcus,

    You are so right. This site is actually what got me into the hobby to begin with :wink: Seeing all the wonderful work these guys have done over the years... just jawdropping.

    Not only that but everyone here is so helpful and full of good information.

    A wonderful site indeed :D Couldn't do without it :D


  3. rickstef

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    Aw shucks, now you are just trying to make us blush


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