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  1. NOBI

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    Hi There,

    Thaipaperwork proud to present a second birds in Baby series. Baby BF-109 E4 2/JG3 in non scale but length of model is equal with 1/48 regular BF-109 (aprox. 18 cm) BF-109 have much history and this Baby BF-109 will help u to teach more history for your kids.

    This kit contain a full detail of cockpit what make finish model look good. u can purchase this Baby BF-109 at

    I use IKOBO and Moneybookers for payment gateway, feel free to register in both and very secure. and this baby BF-109 will available to purchase at too

    hope my Baby BF-109 can make u and your kids enjoy to assemble it.
  2. Bowdenja

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    Hey Nobi!

    I'm going to get it just as soon as Horus, (paperwarbirds) has it listed. I would use the moneybookers but I got to get them the copies they request for credit cards.

    Glad to see this one finished and can't wait for the next.


  3. DeWayne

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    Baby BF-109 E4 2/JG3

    I have built this and will supply a pic or two shortly. It is a fun model and one worthy of detailing. I strongly suggest this kit. Make a prop disk from clear plastic and build with gear up. A real attention getter.

    Thank you Nobi for the best "crunched" model ever.
  4. NOBI

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    Hi There,

    My Baby BF-109 have up at now. and at my website ( can accept only moneybooker currently, i have work with another payment method now what can give everybody purchase model easily :)

    Thank you very much DeWayne, i like that Baby BF-109 too...will be hard a little to install landing gear and wheel becasue maingear in not straight like another aircraft.

    a BIG surprise coming next ;)
  5. Bowdenja

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    Thanks Nobi!

    Already got it and a few others too! Boy this looks great! I know all the kids I've been giving my builds to are going to want this one!

    Thanks again Nobi! You do great work!
  6. Gil

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    Did a bit of shopping on TTFN's site. Printing out the Gustav right now..., another Flight to Fancy via Whimsy Airlines and I'm on my way....,

    Wonder if Leif ever got a good definition for the idiom "Flights of Fancy". Can't wait for your next suprise.

    Till then, best regards, Gil
  7. NOBI

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