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    Thanks, David. I suspected as much -- it seems most other railways (when railways changed hands) did not change liveries or colours until much later, if at all. I realize we got off topic a little, but it was still on a related topic! Cheers, Rob
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    Thanks again, David. So do you know if there is anything unique about the Christmas train? It sounds as if it's nicely decorated with Christmas lights & is hauling some vintage coaches, etc., and could still be fun to watch or ride. Rob
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    Yes, that was a good shot -- hopefully I'll see 2816 next time it comes through. I'll try to chase down the Christmas Train as well, along with our two sons. Cheers, Rob
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    I have another question (which again reveals my sketchy Canadian railway knowledge). I've heard about the "Royal Hudson" ... 2816 is a Hudson but would it also be the Royal Hudson? Thanks! Rob
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    OK, after doing some web research, I now realize that the Royal Hudson was 2860 (and that there were several other Royal Hudsons as well). It sounds as if 2860 has just been steamed up again for the first time in a few years. This website ( has some good info. Rob
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    Thanks, Andrew. As mentioned, I'm going to try to chase it down this December with my two boys (maybe my wife will even come if she's not too "trained-out"!). I've already viewed some pics of it at the CP website and it looks like fun. Cheers, Rob
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    The Christmas train does not offer rides, but at each major stop there is usually a show (sometimes featuring some fairly recognizable talent), and they take a collection for food banks.

    If I am not mistaken, both CN and CP had "Royal" trains - that is they were involved in the 1939 royal visit.

    There is a great 2 hour video about the rebuilding (1 hour) and initial test and run (1 hour) of 2816. Well worth a look. Although I was a bit traumatized by some of the information given in the opening - did you realize that both CN and CP rostered over 3000 (THREE THOUSAND!!) steam locomotives EACH...! Now all but a handful are gone :( :cry:


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    Thanks, Andrew. Interesting history about the Royal trains. The video sounds good too. It's a shame that only a few steam locos have remained. The heritage railway movement in the UK is so much further ahead of us -- they probably have hundreds of restored steamers there. If you ever get a chance to go to the UK, it's probably one of the best places to visit for seeing steam trains! ... Looking forward to the Christmas train as well. Cheers, Rob
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    getting off topic again,,, The "Royal" designation on the Hudsons was only awarded to the CPR. Both CP and CN participated in the 1939 Royal Tour of King George 6th and Queen Elizabeth ( the late Queen Mum ). CP westward from Quebec to BC and CN the return eastward trip. I am not sure how many engines CN used ( I think they may have been Northerns 4-8-4 ) but CP used just the one - #2850 This ONE locomotive made the full trip without breakdowns or faults. The King was very impressed and agreed to grant the 'Royal' to this engine. Later, because #2851 was also used on the trip to carry VIP's ahead of the Royal train and it too worked with out fault the designation was give to the full class of these engines.
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    Robert: the Royal designation went to the class H1c hudsons. (If there were H1d and e, they got it too; not sure exactly). 2816 is an H1b. Difference is visible along the running board -- 2816 has a narrow valence that widens at the number; Royal hudsons have a full width valence all the way along.
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    Thanks for clarifying this, David. One of these days I'll buy a CP pictorial book which should be a good reference. FYI, I think the Royal Hudson 2860 has just recently been restored & steamed up again, if I read the details correctly on the ir website. Cheers, Rob
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    Yes, this off-topic but still related! Thanks for this info. When I checked a couple CP and "Hudson" websites last night, I read about 2860 being the Royal Hudson that's now based in BC. I suspect that this is one of the other Hudsons that also received the "Royal" designation. Rob

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