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    Woweeee that was fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MasonJar

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    Is this highspeed pass the world record they were trying for: ??

    Very :cool: I wish Canada would invest in these types of trains. Can you imagine Toronto to Montreal in an hour or so...?!

  4. MadHatter

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    South Africa is investing in a new high speed rail system- Called the "Gautrain" (Our province is called Gauteng). We are hoping to get a section done by 2010 in anticipation for the FIFA World Cup.

    We are facing many problems with this project as people are afraid of change etc. Part of this new route will need large bridges over different areas, etc. They are clossing down a main road that leads through town so people are also moaning about that too.

    It will connect Pretoria- now Tshwane- to O.R. Tambo International Airport (Ex- Johannesburg International), and to Park Station (Jo'burg Station) and Sandton (Northern Suburbs).
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    That's amazing-fast. Interesting that despite the speed, you don't see fencing along the tracks to keep people or animals away. Of course, most people are probably smart enough to figure out that you don't get close to those tracks.
  6. Biased turkey

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    Don't worry, there is a fence, but some small animals such as the badger can make a hole in the fence, then the bigger animals ( deer and boar ) can get in.
    The SNCF ( Frenchnational railroad ) even hired 2 hunters on the Paris-Lyon sector.

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