Tgif! Sit, Visit, Have A Cup Or 3 & A Doughnut

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Shay Driver, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Shay Driver

    Shay Driver Member

    Goooood Mornin' GAUGERS,

    The doughnuts are on the table. Fifteen dozen and two dozen bear claws. Oh yes, two dozen doughnut holes for the dieters (a certain lady comes to mind). You will find hot coffee and tea (EG) and cold OJ at the other end of the table.

    D&D youse can park the Harleys in the back room; just wheel them in the back door. :D :cool: ;)

    WARNING! If'n y'all see Debbie with a can of avocado green paint and a brush lock ALL of the doors and run for your lives. :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :p :D

    As I said in another post it sure is nice to see familiar faces and so many friendly new ones, too.

    Eat up everybody.

    Lay track and run trains.
  2. tomfassett

    tomfassett Member

    Hey Nelson, I gotta' wait to see how the day goes before I'll agree with the TGIF thing... I need to catch up two weeks of work--today...:eek:

    Somebody keep Wolv away from the sugar... If he keeps going without sleep, he's gonna' start acting weird... Wait a minute, too late...:D You know, I am in Arizona and tend to stay up late, but it is really frustrating to get outlasted by a guy from Missouri. Sheesh, isn't Missouri in the Greenwich time zone or something? I mean, the guy can't get jet lag 'cause you have to at least have a sleep schedule to get thrown off...;)
    Well it's late here and I'm going to bed. Wolv, isn't it time for your monthly 20 minute nap, or did you get October's nap out of the way already?...:D

    Peace, all,
    Tom F
  3. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    The official start of the day with the breakroom!

    Two donuts and some tea for me please. Hope everyone stops by, I sure ain't gonna eat all of them. LOL!

    Actually Tom,

    I hold a record for being the longest online somewhere in IA. I used to belong to this adult-oriented BBS (before you start thinking dirty, allow me to explain).

    This was just regular chat with regular people. Nothing in private or anything like that. Anyhow, I stayed on the system for 2 weeks straight. I was kicked off by a power outtage during an ice storm. One heck of a phone bill when I got done! LOL!

    My unit would volunteer me for the long-range recon duties while in Central America, because I had the highest no sleep stamina any of them had ever seen.

    Ohhh btw, we are two hours ahead of you-CST. :D :D

    Now, if everyone will quit posting for a while, I can go work on some more ballasting. I got most of the module done. Just have a few more sections of track to ballast and then apply that blasted Woodland scenics cement. The hardest part was getting the ballast to stick to the angled edges, but with elmers glue and some water added with it, it has worked fine!

    Paintshop will be opening up today and in will go a few ROCK units and some ATSF re-numbering jobs.

    Pics will be posted as soon as I get the S404 Dimage Minolta.

  4. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Welcome Nelson, in honor of the breakroom opening I brought the .......................

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  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Good Morning Nelson,Good morning all! Now for some of Nelsons good coffee. :D
  6. Hoo Boy! I shore enuf be in trouble now, Mr. Tyson, what with Nelson's donuts an' yore jug....them nasty children what live down the road yonder will really be a-hollerin' "fatty" at me now.:eek: :eek: :D :D :D
  7. msh

    msh Member

    mornin' gang.

    here are two dozen crullers and 2 dozen assorted to make up for yesterday's disappearing donut disaster. (the glazed are especially good this morning)

    plenty to do here at the office, so the trains will have to wait until after 6. hope you all have a good day. :cool:

    and tyson, I almost sipped the jug dry but remembered it's the life blood to so many members. I'll stick with the yoohoo today. :D
  8. gryl

    gryl New Member

    What no bagels?:D
  9. NYCentral

    NYCentral Member

    Cool, Nelson is back up and running!!! Good Morning Everyone. Another busy day here.

    Hey Mr Backwater (oh I mean Stillwater, oh Feedwater), I can't read your text, the old eyes are not what they used to be.;)
  10. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Good morning folks,

    Ah all is right with the world again the break room is open. A quick cup of coffee and a unlicked donut will be fine today.

    Casey Feedwater (Mike C) thanks for the painting tips back on the RR-Line. I tried airbrushing with some craft paints from Plaid. Worked a great deal better than the Polly Scale. The paint covered better and looks better. I still need to work on thinning the paint some. I had to keep a wet Q-tip handy to clean the tip as I brushed. But all in all it was a better experience than what I had before.

    I am glad to see that we have another jug. The old one had burn marks and was beat up pretty bad from the fire. We should find a place of reverence for it to store it.

    Halloween train on the Strasburg RR tomorrow night and a tour of the Haunted RR Museum of PA afterwards. The kids have been driving us crazy about seeing “spooky trains”. So tomorrow they get ‘em.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  11. Mine neither, Mr. Phil, mine neither. So I scrubbed up that letterin' a bit with some naval jelly and that rust color just disappeared....:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D :D :D
  12. That's great, Tom. I'm glad you're getting good results. Plaid and Apple Barrel are two of my favorites.

    You might want to try Ceramcoat sometime also. I believe the pigments are more finely ground than in some of the other brands, making it a little easier to airbrush.

    That was a pretty good thread several of us had going there, wasn't it? It's a shame to have lost so much good info. :(
  13. NYCentral

    NYCentral Member

    Thank you!! So how is your layout going? I haven't worked on mine in over a week!:eek: Hopefully I will get a chance this weekend!
  14. Nothing new on it in quite a while, Phil. Too many demands on my time lately. I have managed to get a little done on a new structure (the wagon and tractor repair shed I kept yapping about :rolleyes: ) and I got a little done last night on my oil tanker. But as far as the layout goes..... yikes :eek: :rolleyes: :(
  15. ANo10

    ANo10 New Member

    Morning All,

    To me the worst thing about a forum becoming defunct is the loss of the archive section and references. Casey, your post on logging references were invaluable. Thank goodness, I printed them. Now if I had had the foresight to print the mining references. Thanks for everyone's hard work there. Enuff said. Now where's the jug??? I'm not touching those donuts, there's tongue marks on them...


    Lizard Creek Timber Company
  16. Thanks, Jim. I'm glad those references helped. But I'd sure hate to go back and have to reconstruct that whole "bibliography," especially the logging refs.

    On a positive note, all of Shamus' (PaulT's) articles are archived here at the Gauge.
  17. rush2ny

    rush2ny New Member

    Hey! I shall have some of what Tyson is offering! It is the weekend after all ;)

    Happy Railroading!
  18. Cowcatcher

    Cowcatcher Member

    Ahhhhh!! Home again. I'll just scrape my boots off here on the door sill. Maybe we need one of them new fangled boot brush thingys!

    Any maple bars left?

    Pass the jug.

    I wonder if there is a place to here to re-open the Blue Note? It is Friday night after all!:D :D :D

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