Texture in Pepakura?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by Trader Sam, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    I have an object that I've wrapped in a single image. I guess it's called UV mapping? Anyway, I'm trying to export it from Blender as a file that Pepakura can read, but all I get is my textureless object. Is there a way to transfer the surface image so that Pepakura reads it?
  2. Gil

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    There's a set texture item under the 3D Model Window control. The mapping will not show on the 3D model but will show on the unfolded 2D model due to the fact that the 3D window is not raster based but the 2D window is. This is somewhat clumbsy but it's assumed that you have the UV mapping all taken care of before you unfold the model.

  3. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    Oh. I see what you're saying! Thanks, Gil, it worked. I remember doing it before, but I had forgotten how. BIG thank-you!

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