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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Raider, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Raider

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    Im trying to make a papermodel of Super Mario Bros mushrom, like this

    I try in Metasequioia and 3DS, but seting map/texture for head I have problems cause the big white dots were distorted, and I dont know the way to put big white dots in a semispherical model, planar and cilindrical do not match, and spherical, makes a big distort in two points of sphere. In map properties ball in corner looks perfect, but in the model........

    Someone knows how I can put a texture to not being ditorted in this way, spericals makes a good job, except for this two points?. Its any way to make four or six maps for same model to make a map for every single dot?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Kevin G

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    Can't help with the texturing problems when it comes to spheres. But, have you thought of making the model out of cubes? It is after all based on a game that was what, 8 bits? Maybe take each cube as a "pixle" and then just make it 3D instead of flat. Think of it like working with legos (this is easy for me since I have a rather extensive collection of lego, over 5million pieces and growing). I know this doesn't answer your question but maybe it will give you a different way to look at the model.
  3. Gearz

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    Hey Raider, interesting exercise... This might not be exactly what you want to achieve, but it should get you closer.

    Think quadrants! I made two individual vertical textures, approximating the spots on a mushroom. In META ~ create new [mat] for each texture and apply them to each Quadrant.

    mushroom1.jpg Is the end result.
    mushroom2.jpg Select each quadrant in turn and apply texture.
    + textures.

    The textures ~ In this case the spots are smaller than the quadrants. If you want to have a BIG spot 'overlapping' quads, make two matching textures ( with 'half' spots) ~ You can use just the one texture, but distortion will be a problem again.

    Hope this helps

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  4. Raider

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    I Got it Igot it ^^

    Gearz your a little genious, you gives me the clue.

    I make a red img with a big white point in the middle, then i make two identical materials in metasequoia, and rotate one 90º, i do that you say in 174 of spehere and magic has come ^^, a third identical mat for upper big red point makes it perfect.

    Look the preview in pepakura designer.

    Before publish the PDf pattern I want build one to besure it looks good. I promise the first place I publish it will be here ^^.

    Thanks A LOT.

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