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Discussion in 'North America' started by rfktex, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. rfktex

    rfktex Junior Member

    As I prepare to document my first "real" build (Halinski's Sd.Kfz.7 - the 96 version), I've spent alot of time lurking around the various cardmodel forums. Disclosure: lurking for over a year!

    I happened to note we have lots of Texan modelers! Ever thought of coming together as a group? I'm in Houston.

    Just curious.

    --Russ K

    Note:Not a Texan by birth, I got here as soon as I could.
  2. Padre

    Padre Member

    We, in Arizona, are trying to get together at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson on November 14, 2009 - Saturday- Pima Museum.

    Any Arizona members wanta come?
  3. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard and hope to see your finished work soon. Start a build thread and if you run across any build problems, post it on your thread and some one here will try to help you. Good luck and see you around in the forums.
  4. TheSarge

    TheSarge New Member

    San Antonio count?
  5. Sure does in my book.

    Adama/ Ft. Hood Tx
  6. rfktex

    rfktex Junior Member

    Sure does....doesn't mean that I've progressed on anything to share .....other than acquiring more models to build!

    Stay cool.....Russ K
  7. TheSarge

    TheSarge New Member

    Chip Fyn at Fiddlers Green is an old acquaintance of mine, going back to when I build and hung 88 WWII airplanes from the ceiling of the base club to decorate a Dining Out. I am looking into establishing a conduit to provide some free FG card models to disabled vets here at BAMC (Brook Army Medical Center). Aside from printers (they should already have) and assembly supplies (scissors, glue, etc), some mentors will be needed to help get them started if they're interested.

    We also have some children's hospitals here as well. The goal is to provide activities that allow wounded warriors or sick kids an activity that keeps their minds engaged on something other than their condition, while furthering promotion of the joys and benefits of building paper models.

    Anyone nearby interested in lending a hand?

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