TestVille, a 1x4 handlaid test layout

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jkristia, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. ezdays

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    I gotta add my congrats at a fine job. It takes a lot of patience to do it, and even more to get it right. The end results are worth your efforts and the satifaction has to be rewarding.

  2. the_great_snag

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    I have been chewing on the idea of doing some handlaying as well, but don't know where to start.

    I read on the trainworx.com site that they recommend using Pliobond adhesive to secure the track to the wood ties. They say to simply run a soldering iron along the top of the rail after it's laid, and the heat cures the Pliobond.

    Has anyone tried this?

    Where are some sources for all the components, such as ties, rails, frogs, and whatever else? Are they any other sites out there with instructions for this? What kind of tools do you need, other than an NMRA gauge?

    Finally, will modern Atlas and Kato stuff work on C40 rail?
  3. rcwatkins

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    Excellent job there laying track. I bet the real railroads don't do this good. ;)
  4. jkristia

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    I'm surprised that this old thread came back to live.
    I haven't done anymore work on this small diorama since I finished the tracks, no scenery or anything. Once I had finished the track practicing I decided that I could go on with replacing some track on the real layout with C40, so that's what I have been doing instead. I have some pictures here http://community.webshots.com/user/jkristia, but the progress has been slow for that last couple of month, and will probably continue being slow until later in the summer (it's too hot upstairs now).

    To answer Ray's questions.

    I use the PC ties from Clover house http://www.cloverhouse.com/
    The rail is C40 rail purchased from http://www.1stplacehobbies.com/
    The ties are Micro Engineering, also from 1stplace
    I am using some roller-gauge from http://www.railwayeng.com/gauges.htm in addition to the NMRA gauge.
    I solder the rail to the PC ties, so an solder iron is a must, and I use the Dremel tool to cut gaps in the rail and ties.
    I haven't had any problems with any of my (I only have a few) locomotives or cars on the C40 rail, even with the regular MT wheels, but since the rest of the layout is Atlas C55, all my cars will eventually have their wheels replaced with low profile wheel.

    I would really recommend anyone who is considering hand laying to give it a try. I just love it, actually, right now I'm doing some scenery and structures, and I just can't wait to get back to do more hand laying.
  5. the_great_snag

    the_great_snag New Member

    Thanks for the info Jesper. I might try doing a small diorama soon myself and see how it comes out. I would really like to try my hand at doing a turnout too, as I would think the ability to do high frog numbers would be the biggest plus to handlaying, other than the realistic appearance of it.

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