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  1. justind

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    Testing an image or 2:

  2. justind

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    nope :mad:
  3. justind

    justind Member


    sorry, I guess angelfire doesn't let me post my pics like that. figures...
  4. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    I can see them both, in one photo you have 7-28 on a box of some kind and in the other picture a pickup truck waits by the crossing.
  5. justind

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    That is really odd. What I see is a graphic that says the image is hosted by www.angelfire.com and then there is their logo and that is all. Hmm...
  6. Bill Stone

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    The graphic is all I see too. Shamus must have a magic computer.

  7. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Use the attachment feature


    Just use the attachment feature at the bottom of the screen where you post your reply. It works great! You don't have to put any URL's in or anything. It uploads right from your computer.
    I have been doing some experimenting also. Good luck. :eek:
  8. Woodie

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    included images


    After many agonising attempts and fiddling, it is not possible for you to include a pic/file in a post (or any HTML for that matter) that is "called" or "included" from a HTML page, where that image resides on another server that lets you store files/pics for nothing. Web servers are able to detect where a request for a file/pic is coming from, and if that request is NOT from their own server (ie their own webpages/HTML) then the request to access that file/pics is refused.

    However, I was able to see your two pics. If you "right click" on the Angefire icons, and select "properties", then cut/paste the filename into the command line of your browser, you will get to see the pics. This works because (say) Anglefire's server has the request for the file/pic as an "initial" request, and not an "include" request from someone elses HTML. "Free" webservers such as Geocities/Anglefire have stopped the access of their files as "included" in HTML because people were using these servers to store all their data/pics/movies for nothing, and, of course, no ads/banners etc are displayed, if they allow the file to be "included". Make sense? Or is all this twaffle!!:confused:

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