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    I am fairly new to papercraft and started 3 weeks ago when I wanted to introduce my kids to an old game workshop game called man o' war which I used to play when a teen.
    Of course I lost some of my miniatures and to complete the fleets I looked up on the WWW and found that some people had great success building the required little ships using paper modeling. I tried a template found on the internet (http://www.mapsandmoreshop.de/mow/)
    I found it very fun to do, but it didn't cover all my needs so I made the jump and designed a model for another of the ships (I'll publish it shortly but I am still tweaking). You can see the results here:

    Here is one of the pics dirrectly uploaded to the forum

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    I like Man o'War - will watch with pleasure building your fleet :)
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    next up will be some elves. For the bretonians, the bucanneer template from Ralf is nice enough (I think it could be made easier to assemble but it is not too hard.)
    As those were my first models I ran into issues and felt it was best to write a little guide to myself on how to assemble them. Since I was also looking for an idea to use a new iPhone app called snapguide I used it and here is the guide.
    Terrinecold's guide to Ralf Schemmann's buccaneers
    I'll probably do a guide for the corsairs too, focusing on the rigging which is the only difficult part.

    Anyway I have already the galleon as a metal miniature so for me the bretonians are complete but extrapolating a paper galleon from the corsairs would be very simple.
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    :welcome1: to the forum! I hope you can find some entertainment for you and your family here. I like the models you have posted. We are happy to have you aboard! :)

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