Terrestrial Voyager

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by gippolot, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    I concur, wow with some ooooh mixed in! Thanks for sharing.
  2. cjd

    cjd Member

    positively awesome! - is it going to be available to buy or(dare i say it)for free? - either way, thanks for sharing

  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Truly a work of art. There is something about this model. If I saw it on display I would want to know all I could. Luckily, one can by reading this thread.
  4. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member

    Simply fantastic and wonderful, of the choice of the subject the making really perfect...

  5. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Thanks very much to all for the kind comments.

    I ordinarily don't believe in singling people out, but in this instance, I must make a comment. Gomidefilho, I was really chuffed to get a comment from someone in Brazil. You made my day, so I am very glad you enjoy this thread. The internet is a fantastic invention!

    Also cjd, I am hoping to make available a coloured and plain version of the parts available before the end of the year. The only problem is that the instructions will be simple, the parts may/will need to be re-fitted/cut due to designer error, instructions may not exist and, most importantly, you are on your own. Cost will be free naturally. (The Webdude's Wacky Races models were one of my inspirations.)

    Okay, I've started on the front wheels. This is one attempt for the forward axle, made from 1.5mm x 8mm strips of wood joined together, as for the rear axle.


    It was a real hassle to bend the wood for this design, so I made this one,


    It is not as stiff, but will much easier to fit the frames for the wheels on.

    Here is a current view from the front


    And here are three views of the model with previously made parts added, but not fixed, in position. So now you will have pretty much seen as much as I have seen. 'cept for the pictures in my mind's eye.




  6. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    that is so slick, and very beautiful.

    really nice work.

  7. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member

    I also find, the internet allows to share us our passion for the paper models and to know the work of all without the borders and the conventions of the countries. I will continue accompanying his excellent work here with a lot of enthusiasm on the other side of the world in that amazing model. Thank you very much!!!:mrgreen:sign1
  8. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Why thank you!

    I'm very much looking foward to this release as it meets all the criteria of a desireable kit to me:

    1. Subject matter I'm interested in.:mrgreen:

    2. It's free.:twisted:
    3. I didn't have to design it!sign1
  9. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Thanks for the kind comments.

    I attached the drawings and instructions that I've put together for the forward/steering wheels.

    This details about as much time and effort I'm prepared to put into the files. So, I'm hoping that if there are any glaring omissions, deficiencies, or insufficient instructions, that anyone feels need to be raised, please let me hear them.

    Please note that I have a very bad habit of being way too brief in my descriptions, so negative/helpful comments are always welcome.

    The previously added file has been updated.


    Attached Files:

  10. afcgooners

    afcgooners New Member

    That really cool and something different to the models I've seen so far. Wish I new how to make models from jsut a picture!
  11. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Some progress on the streering wheels.




  12. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Some more progress on the steering wheels.


    As assembled.


  13. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    I thought I had better make it known that the reason I was prepared to release the drawings I'd made of the Terrestrial Voyager for free, (please note that my employer allows me to take my laptop home:twisted:), and for the benefit of the administrators were:

    1) It is made directly from a copyrighted print, and I aren't prepared to pay royalties.

    2) I've exhausted all website/internet avenues to relay my intentions to the original owner, and have had no response. My last avenue would be to the poster publisher - but I haven't approached them.

    3) I'm a great believer in giving back for what I've received. i.e. the contributions of people of the like of Webdude, Claudio, etc. and everyone else who has participated. And yes that means all who have added and viewed the post.

  14. afcgooners

    afcgooners New Member

    Hey it just gets better and better! can't wait to see it finished.
  15. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    You are making some nice progress on this ship!
    Thanks for sharing it with us when you can.
    I really like the way you have developed the wheels and axles.
    The whole ship is really very elegant to look at and it is a joy to watch you work on it!

  16. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    o_O This is taking scratchbuilding to a new level!
  17. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    I finally found what this ship reminded me of:

    Fantasy Naval

    this ship will fit in nicely with this set.
  18. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Thanks for the comments,

    I had a reply from the Rodney Matthews Studios where upon I was notified that they were very happy for me to freely distribute the plans I've made for the Terrestrial Voyager, ..providing I direct everyone to the Rodney Matthews website, ( which would be a given as I'm a very loyal admirer of his art).

    Most of my time lately has been devoted to cleaning up my drawings. Should have some more photos posted soon.

    The masts should be fitted soon. Below is my final drawing. (unless I change something, which is highly likely).


    Referring to an earlier post by zathros, I tried to find the ice yacht on the net that he mentioned.

    This is the largest yacht I could find. Impressive all the same.


  19. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Here are some more views of some of the parts added together so as to get an impression of how it is coming together.




  20. paulhbell

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    I quote Ron Weasley (Harry Potter films). BLOODY BRILLIANT.

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